I need an agetec modded

I need someone to mod my agetec with a green sanwa stick, and a ps2 pcb.

prices, estimates, takers?

You can always tackle this job yourself, if nobody steps up to the plate.

Helpful links:

If you just want the joystick switched, you can to that yourself pretty easily. I would suggest taking alax’s advice and check out those two tutorials. Modding the joystick is easy especially for a Sanwa stick.

If you wanted the buttons modded or you wanted an Agetec Mod, then I could see why you would want to commission someone to do it.

In the very worst case, hit me up on AIM and we’ll talk about it. But I think it will be good for you to do the mod yourself.


well i want to switch the joystick, and change the pcb. thats why i need help. i could probably do the stick switch, but the pcb is the issue.

I think I’m officially in the business of selling pre-hacked PCBs if you’re interested. You’ll still need to find some way to attach them to the buttons yourself though.

I could do the mod for parts + 25 labor.