I need an Arcade Stick for PC!

What is the best Arcade stick for the PC that Supports every Fighting game? I Have the DOA4 Stick I bought for Real Cheap at EB Games and I was testing out on my PC and some games and Emus work with it. I just want one that supports everything. Any Suggestions?



It says in there somewhere near the middle that the DOA stick will work with anything you just need to download some drivers.

Custom PS1-based stick, adapt the sucka. Much nicer, IMO. :slight_smile:

I don’t know much about arcade sticks, bought 2 days ago my first one, VSHG(Virtua stick high grade) from play-asia.com . Costs around $70 + shipping.

It is expensive, but you want the best one, right? You can never spend too much on quality!

Thanks guys! I’ll check those sources out!:wgrin:

get virtua stick High Grade, you wont regret it has already Sanwa parts + its made from metal and SEGA!!! youll only hear positive things about it trust me, I myself am saving my money to get 2 of these cant wait.

and its already USB and work with MAME!!!

is this is a duplicate thread?

uh ohh

time to lay down the law

I use a HRAP2 with a radioshack adapter. Works very well and with everything.

I’ve been pretty happy with my Saulabi USB Stick. Works with virtually any game, as it emulates the keyboard, and can have various button assignments. I know leaf-switches aren’t for everyone, but once I broke this sucker in I kinda prefer it over the microswitched ones. And if you can’t read Korean, I tranlsated the key mapping application into English (as best I could), you can get it here (check the second page).

buy the pelican convertor for 15 bucks and use any ps2 stick you want

I see. I tried that XBCD Method last night and it didn’t work for me. Games like Melty Blood and Akatsuki Blitzkampf dont move but the button actions work like a charm. I’ll look into the Converter device for my Pelican Real Arcade stick and I might invest into that Korean Arcade stick that seems pretty cool. How many people own a Hori Real Arcade 3?