I need an artist, willing to pay

I just built a custom 2 player controll panell and I am in need of some artwork for it. I have scowered the Internet for images and found a few I like. I want it to be chun on one side and ken on the other but I need them to blend togeather and have similar art styles. I will provide dimensions and button placement so that the major parts of the art are not covered by buttons or the stick. I have photoshop and a drawing tablet but I’m horrible at photoshop and an even worse artist. I am looking for someone here to create me a sexy piece or art to stick under my plexi. I can get it printed, all I need is a digital copy of the image. I am willing to pay for the work or I have a bunch of arcade parts that I would be willing to trade. If anyone is interested PM me or email me at cwrenlmi@gmail.com .

Thanks in advance for any talented artist who are wiling to help me out.

How much are you willing to pay?
Check out my site… www.jayogden.com not a lot of my comic stuff up there, but i could def help you out.

I’m willing to pay a fair amount. I’ll show you kinda what I want, and you tell me how much you would charge for such a project and well go from there. Pm me your email so I can send you some photos of what the cp looks like and some of the pics I found that I like. Then we can throw some ideas back and forth and hopefully make a badass custom stick.