I need an AV upgrade

What I would like is an upgrade to my current AV. I will be posting the gif of gill again. Use the same animation like the one in my current AV, but let it have more animaion to it. I would like you to add the animated starfield background from the boss intro of MegaMan 2. Add my name and put the phrase in “More than a man, less than a God”. I’m a preme member, so try to add as much stuff as you can.

Thanks in advance


What’s the size limitation of premium?

160 by 100 pixels or 48.8 KB



I hope you like it.

It looks good, but I need you to make some changes to it. I want his hand to stay up. Also, could you slow down the fade for the phrase and add my name to the fade effect at the bottom right where it is? Also, slow down the stars if you can, sort of like the ones in this AV.


  • hand stay up – ok

  • ok; when do you want to fade your name in? After the second line fades out? And do you know what font is that?

  • slowing stars down – I’ll see. Slowing the stars down would involve using more frames… In the example you gave, the amount of space for the stars is miniscule, so it gets away with only 4 frames.

Yes, I would like my name to fade in last after the second line fades out. I don’t want the font from the example AV, the one you have is just fine.



bowiegranap… Man, thank you!!! That’s perfect!!! :clap: :tup: