I need an external HD. Advice?


So… I’m rapidly running out of space. Plus, I have no way to backup my pictures, movies, data, etc, and I’m due for a fresh format.

I’m looking for something in the $100 range. Around 500gigs plus ought to do me. I know very little about what I should be looking for at this point. I’ve heard some hazy suggestions that 5400rpm models are more stable than 7200rpm models, but I’m not really sure. I’m also considering something that is powered through USB2.0 (IE, no external adapter) but am unsure how well those work.

I’m looking at something roughly like this:


Any thoughts? If I had movies backed-up on this, would the drive be fast enough to watch directly off of it?


You won’t have problems playing movies on a hard drive, even at 5400 rpm. Not all hard drives are created equally, however. In fact, most are garbage. If the hard drive isn’t made by Western Digital or Seagate, and is one of the newer models with a 5 year warranty (which most for sale now are), I wouldn’t buy it. I’ve been burned by enough shitty hard drives to know the difference between cheap and less expensive.


Starcade I just picked up a portable seagate go 500 gig model a few days ago…works great so far man :tup:


i picked up a lacie 1tb for 117 on ebay and its been very reliable. lacies and seagates are great brands, WD my books are crap IMO, had mine crap out on me in a year (heavy media user).


You should rip open the enclosure and submit a RMA request to WD if the drive went out. You’ll get a new drive if it’s still under the 5 year warranty. Most servers I work on in datacenters use WD, and the failure rate is extremely low. Unless of course you got one of the crappy drives from back in the day, in which case the warranty probably expired by now.




I’ve had a few WD drives over the past couple years and I havent had any problems. I picked up a 650gb MyBook from best buy on sale for $100 and its been working great, under heavy use.


I have a WD MyBook and it’s good drive. My only issue with it is that the case is garbage. For my 500GB HDD, I simply bought an OEM Western Digital HDD and a Vantec HDD Enclosure. It has USB and eSATA outputs. You can buy it for about the same price from Newegg as a MyBook and it will be much more durable.

Vantec Nexstar 3