I need an opinion from pad players?

Which pad is better for ultra hori 4 commander or those street fighter x pads for ps3? I already have a hori but i can get one of those tekken pads for 15 bucks just wondering if its worth it getting the tekken pad??

you are talking about the madcatz fightpads? Do NOT buy them because they are a piece of crap that will wear out and break really fast.
I know a person that has been replacing those pads once every 2 months for like a year straight.

Go with whatever Hori offers imo.

Honest answer? Neither. I’m a pad collector/user and I’d stay away from any pad that isn’t from the 16 bit era. I’d say get a saturn or snes pad and converter.

Yeah, get a Saturn pad. You know, the ones from the 16-bit era. :smirk:

Other good ones are the Neo Geo CD pad that was released for PS3, and the Sega Genesis 6-button controller (which uses the same dpad as the Saturn controller).

I say keep the Hori Commander.

Are those converters actually exist?

I would say keep the HFC4 especially if the admittedly tempting pricing you’re getting on the SFxT Pads is for a used pad.

Second the keep the HFC4 and yes, some converters exist for the controllers that people are talking about OR failing that Toodles’ FGWidget is capable of creating converters for a couple of different legacy systems.

My favorites are:

Hori Pad II - PSone


Sony SCPH-1010 - PSone


Hori Fighting Commander 3 HP3-78 - PS3


I’ve been disappointed in everything else.

Best digital pad by far. Ether the Original or the PS2 variants are awesome.
The official USB Pads are awesome too but there lot of Knock Offs.

Like I am actually considering looking into making a Saturn to Sega Genesis Adapter.