I need an Opinion

I know this probably does not deserve its own damn thread, but I want a lot of opinions for this theory fighter question.
Since there’s no possible way to play these matches, what’s a predicted matchup to YOU.

Super Guile vs Pre 2k12 AE Fei.
Vanilla Sagat vs Pre 2k12 AE Fei.

Any other extremely difficult matchups I should think about?

Super Guile VS AE Fei would probably be not much different than the Guile / Fei match-up in Super SFIV. Fei Long didn’t change much going from Super to AE. The st.LP > cr.HK and EX Rekka being safer would make the match up a little bit easier, but I think it’d still be somewhere in the realm of Guile favor. 6/4.

I believe Vanilla Sagat would shut down AE Fei. Fei Long damage output is high by Super / AE standards, in Vanilla from what I recall, his output was relatively average. With his projectile game, damage output and Vanilla health, Sagat would dominate Fei Long pretty bad. As it is now, both characters have to take some fair risk to overcome one another, V.Sagat would have to take much, much less. 7/3 in my mind.

Super Guile vs Pre 2k12 AE Fei:
(Guile) 5.5 - 4.5 (Fei)
Vanilla Sagat vs Pre 2k12 AE Fei:
(Sagat) 5.5 - 4.5 (Fei)

V.Sagat’s Advantage: trade ultras, st.lk to tiger knee pressure , damage on normals.
S.Guile’s Advantage: Meter building, damage on normals.

Options wise, each character in both match-ups have good tools.

Regarding other match-ups I find Vega the hardest.

Well, we all know the Guile matchup made Fei mainers want to their stick out the window lol.
EVERYONE the infamous term “Vanilla Sagat” and WHY the term was infamous lol.
So what version was Vega at his strongest? Damn Claw does get on my nerves. cr.LP cr. MP ugh …I don’t know if his strongest version can top AE Fei though. I’d probably call it an even 5-5, but then again I don’t know lol

Honestly I don’t know the vega matchup and to top it his pokes can zone fei out. Yea, cr.lp cr.mp is definitely a problem.

During the vanilla days I found Balrog really hard and then got use to the match-up, its still hard but a 5-5 at most. Then during super it was Bison and now thats getting better for me too.

I feel that in AE since they tweak fei’s chicken-wing hitbox so that it won’t cross up will be a good buff for fei in the vega match-up (depending on how they changed the hitbox). I hated the fact of unexpectedly crossing-up vega during my block-string. Lets hope capcom did a good job on his hit-box.

I don’t know, I used the cross-up to my advantage sometimes after practicing the spacing. Depends on play-style, but I’m hoping it’s not too bad.