I Need Arcade Stick Reccomendations For Xbox 360

I been playing fighting games since i was little kid however i never brought a fight stick.I dont know should i stick to the Gamepad or get a fight stick.Should i wait till Chrismas to get a TE fight stick from madcatz or just get a cheap SE version because i looked at review saying it will break in a month.

PS i play MK9,MvC2+3,Street Fighter + Super Street Fighter , Takken 5 , Thinking of getting Blazblue or Takken 6

I would recommend against a SE.

If you want an amazing quality stick, your best bet would be Arcade in a Box. They make probably the best sticks I’ve ever played on, they feel like they came right off of the arcade cabinent. They’re a little pricey, but they are worth every penny. They’re custom made for each order, you have a ton of different parts and layouts you can pick…plus you can get your own custom artwork on it!

Otherwise, go with a standard TE stick. They’re not bad.

If you can wait, get the TE.
If you want a stick now, get the SE.
Just know that you will want to replace the SE parts with better parts after a couple months. I have a SE cause I’m too poor for a TE and I haven’t had many problems with it. But I’m working towards getting sanwa parts so I know for certain it won’t cause me problems.

P.S. Replacing parts is in no way hard. There are multiple threads in the tech talk area of the fourms that talk all about modding and replacing parts in many different arcade sticks; even madcatz sticks.

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