I need art for joysticks


I’m making 2 custom sticks, and I figure one of you guys could probaly do a way better photoshop image collage than I could. Is anyone interested in helping me out? I don’t have the exact dimensions yet, but I wanna get something with good enough resolution so that when I take it to a lab to print up nice, it looks quality. Or if no one is interested in helping, posting some links to some good capcom/ marvel galleries would help. I’ve been trying to find that magneto picture from the end of the top players vid ( the one to the tune of " the name of the game", but so far no luck.


www.gamegen.com ?


I found that magneto picture from the end, however I’m still looking for a good gallery of marvel artwork. ANd still no takers on a collage for my sticks:(


I’ll give it a shot

I’ll give making the artwork for the two sticks a shot. Did you want a different one for each stick? Also, if you can, post your details, or an image link that gives dimensions and button/stick placement…this way, I don’t put some characters head right under where a button will be.

Also, give me a list of characters you would like to see represented on the stick.


I’ll give it a shot

yah I’ll try it as well :slight_smile: Aim= magnetro2000


Hey that’d be sweet. It’s hard finding art online for overlays. If you guys do come up with somestuff would you mind finding some place to host it so others might also have a chance to use your art for sticks? There is very little out there.


theres a couple guys on Ebay who sell custom sticks who let u look at all their wwww.freewebs.com/customjoystick/stick+image.htmork


Wow, I go away and responses come.
Okay, I do indeed want to different sticks. I’m looking to get one mvc2 stick and one either st or sf3 or a conglomoration of the two.
I don’t quite know the specks yet, I will in a week or so, I just thought I’d get word out early, when I find out the exact measurements I’ll let you guys know.
As for characters… I’m kinda torn. I don’t know how many I want to put on each stick. I know I want to get a mags on the mvc2 stick, I’m still debating witch picture of magneto is the coolest. I’m torn between the one from the end of the top players vid wich is a nice painting of just his eyes, or a jim lee mags ( cause jim lee is the bomb) or one of a couple darkness under the mask-with a nose sticking out picks. I think I’d also like stryder and doom on that stick along with the juggernaut and cable (probably a rob liefeld picture). Maybe like a big mag face in the middle and 2 on each side. I really don’t know. I suppose any combination of those guys in any way would suit my fancy as long as magz was in there. As for the sf stick, I’m thinking Akuma, urien,guile, sagat and some freaked out crazy kicking ken.
I have actually a large amount of sf art, that I could send to you guys ( 221 megabytes of it, although If I sent just the relevant pictures it’d be less). I don’t have aim but I have icq and msn.
My icq is 239678988. My msn is johnnybvelvet@yahoo.com.
Thanks for the help guys.


argh can you try to get AIM. i’ve had too many bad experiences with those 2 programs…thx


how about the direct connect hub?


Optic BLAST!

I hate that Cyclops says that. I just dont think if i could should laser stuff or whatever our of my eyes that I would declare what I’m doing every time. Optic BLAST!, Tie My SHOES, Breath!..ahh…anyway…

I’m gonna get to work on my two ideas for your two sticks. I’m going to base it on a 6 button layout and assume your sticks will look like those made by Dreaded Fist (who you can look up on this site to see what his look like)

When I get more specific specs from you, then I can adjust accordingly.

I have a large amount of Capcom art books that I can scan. But if you have specific images your want, or think will help, email me hosalpn@aol.com and I’ll check 'em out.

For Marvel characters, my plan was to use Capcom artwork, since its all relative to the game, but if there is comic art for different Marvel characters that you think work, le’me know.

Oh yeah, I think I will post my designs for download when I’m done.


Nar :frowning:


I made two wallpapers tonight for myself, but if you’d like to use them for your sticks then its cool.



You can find the original artwork at the redesigned sftchina.com

Mr. T.


Those wallpapers are pretty sweet, however there is no love for yun/ yang in my house. Hey magnetro2000, why don’t I just email you all the pictures I have that involve the characters I like.


Layout Udon 1

Here is a very quickly done layout for a controller based on representing every Street Fighter character from SFII to Alphas to SFIII. This is a 72dpi low res image so that it loads faster for our dial-up fighters. I am planning to make tons of layout in the future for all diffrent fighting games and such…eventually having a thread that will feature them and then a website for download.

If you would like a 300dpi of the image with or without the botton layout on it, email me hoslapn@aol.com and specify.

I maintain the psd files for all my layouts and can make adjustments for you if need be (and my time and energy permits.)

Enjoy. Shoryuken!!!


I have that wallpaper, but I’m impressed how you got the logo behind there. I should be finding out the dimensions of my stick this week, so I’ll keep you guys posted.


ya, I also need wallpaper for joysticks. Something with Strider on it or something.


I’m on it!

I got busy with work and a new apartment, but I haven’t forgotten about designing joystick cover art for ya’ll.

Just keep checkin’ the forum.



Look for a guy named snaake he has pre maid artwork and does some pretty good shit i might add.


no no no.

look for Dreaded Fist. he makes them for even CHEAPER. AND BETTER.

BETTER designs from Photoshop, I might add…:cool: