I NEED BACKUP (Captain America Team Anchor)



Well hello there gentlemen, how are you doing? I hope fine

As the title said, i need some backup or, more like, suggestions for choosing a decent anchor for my cap team.

So far i have been using cap point and haggar dhc (switching the 2 of them from time to time) since haggar assist helped me reaaally against better rush downs such as wolverine, and the alpha counter lariat is basically a free combo on characters like vergil who enjoys so much to set up telport unblockables, plus thanks to cap assist, i can convert comboes after haggar’s piledrivers. So baiscally my cap/haggar is working well for me, it has flaws obviously (it is no MorriDoom of course) but i’m sticking with it because…well cap is my favourite avenger and haggar’s final fight was my first videogame so…

What i have been really struggling on is, however, choosing and mastering a decent anchor for this team. Any suggestions? Also do you have any tips that i can use against the “tohou” or “ikaruga” teams? (Morrigan / Doom / x - Magneto / Dormammu/ etc) ?

Thanks in advance


There’s lots of information regarding optimal Cap teams in the Cap team discussion thread :slight_smile:

However, to answer your question- Dr. Doom. Plasma beam supports them both, and Haggar gets kills off Doom raw tags (check Jan in the TFC 2014 finals). Will upload a Cap Haggar Doom rawtag combo for the sake of it, even though it’s impractical).