I need better punishes

I know most are situational, but i reall dont have any but, sweep, throw. jab, jab, short, headbutt and ultra : / any pointers?

low strong into headbutt

Does that really link in AE?? :smiley: imma check now thank you

THank you so much i love this!

low strong into heavy straight for more damage…or low strong > ex upper > jab, short > heavy straight…

Ill upload a match of mine I had just now where I did alot of that :stuck_out_tongue:


Man that EX upper loop is so fresh, ive been trying to get it down for awhile now. i can only get one off then a jab and one short. i always have my charge ready but only get the second upper or headbutt off 1/10 times : / any pointrs on the cancelling into EX upper?

Punishing with rog is obviously situational as with most characters but If you have charge and you can punish with jab you should most likely always go with jab, crouching strong, ex upper into jab strong headbutt so you can go for the mixup afterwards imo. Go for big damage always if you have the opportunity.

Not criticizing you as a player in any way but I’ve seen a lot of rogs do this a lot. There is no point in wasting ultra on a shoto if you catch them in the loop combo if it won’t kill them. The damage scaling is way to terrible. The best thing to do is to hold the ultra and put the shoto in the corner so he can’t throw fireballs at you and if he does you can react with ultra. Headbutt Antiair imo is the only acceptable time to use ultra unless its off reaction or confirmed with jump fierce/roundhouse, jab strong headbutt ultra.


poem i didnt even see your post earlier and was about to ask if jab, strong, ex upper, jab strong, ex upper, jab, short, headbutt was a reckless waste of meter i did it in that match because i like to go for a throw after headbutts and instantly got a stun. it has to do over 500 stun right? is it a waste to go for the two ex uppers? should i save a bar for next time/EX headbutt?

Against characters with some delay on their fireballs it is good to save the ultra because it kills their zoning game. However, sometimes against other characters I think it’s worth the crap damage to burn the ultra to bring them into the corner.

You need to get the timing down like music, its totally rhythmic like many combos. Apart from that I personally double tap the jabd (dont know if it helps but i naturally double tap most normals if you check my inputs) and the 2 kicks are pressed in very quick succession after the short which suprised me when I first started learning it. Bottom line is though is that you need to put time into training room to get all of the combos down for any character

I think two EX rushes in a combo is pointless unless you are almost 100 percent sure they are going to be stunned or near stun. I try to do this against seth players or characters with low stun. Me as a player I tend to reserve my EX meter for EX dash straight to get out of certain situations so the player has to respect me and then I mix them up by not using the EX for that reason and mind F em. So honestly it depends on the match situation and the match up.

When I play in a match I tend to not remember the “biggest damaging” combo possible but I tend to go with the biggest damage combo that I can do without missing the combo or messing up my mixup potential.

I know…i stated that in the youtube video upload. I know Im gunna beat the kid so I just do it for fun. In tournament I have only ever done the loop once and it was to make a comeback.

ive been in training room for awhile now and am proud to say ig ot the loop almost done. i can however get the jab, jab short ex upper, jab short headbutt 100% of the time x short

thanks for the pointers with the strong though you guys helped a lot :]

just scared to try online xD

Do you know how to plink? If you do jab > strong+jab+short or even strong+jab (That’s what I do) you will probably hit it almost at least 95% of the time and then the other 5% jab or short will come out if you practice it.

whenever i try to plink i always get the wrong input. ill try looking into it a bit more and try re learning and practicing it though

another big punish i dont see many rogs doing after a crumple is cl rh->cr short-> ex upper into loop. jab jab short hb just scales too much and this give you most bang for your buck

that feels like a tougher one to me but if its worth it ill practice it when i get home

if you have no charge you can do cr.jab > cl. strong > cr.jab > dash punch of some kind. doesnt work on balrog though.