I need bread & butter to rape a ho


my friend is throwing this big madden + tekken + calibur tournament on campus to aid in his running for soph class president.

I play Tekken and Calibur religiously but I had a question of morality:

1- is it wrong to not tell ANYBODY that is even half-decent about the tourney and EVERYBODY thats straight shit? This isnt the time for “bettering my craft” or “getting solid”

2-should i rape with god tier or make them think im putting up a fight?

i’m not asking to influence my decision, just a matter of second opinion.

personally i’m broke and I’m gonna hustle the shit outta them. i think i’ll let them get over on me in warmups and them straight BEAST when the tourney starts. They wont know what the fuck hit them if the competition is ANYTHING like what I’ve encountered around 4 or 5 hall already. My friend already kinda knows whats up so he doesnt want me to enter more than one. If I wasnt so broke then I would play fair … actually I dont think what I’m doing is playing dirty. I’m playing smart. Dog eat dog.

money = food
college students = BROKE
lots of money = LOTS of food. I mean real food. Fuck ramen noodles.

oh . .and there will be no 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Winner takes ALL the cash.:rofl:


I’m thinking a good 100 people will attend on madden alone. Lets say 10 of them enter a fighting tourney and 20-30 more show up just for the fighters(realistically). entry is $5-7 a game and once again winner gets 100% of the pot! I can smell the money already. :emo012:

EDIT: oh yeah . .the B&B

Tekken - Nina? Christie?

Soul Calibur - Ivy? Astaroth?

Scrubs are horrendous at spacing and blocking low. Frame traps and oki out the WAZOO!!!


i think banking on tournaments is a much better strategy than finding a job when it comes to securing income


30-40 for tekken and sc, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. But we be on the west coast.


whenever you see a chance to make a buck, and you won’t destroy friendships in the process, GO FOR IT. Rape them all with top tier nonsense. Don’t even look at them when they start whining about your “cheapness”.

Beasting on scrubs for their $$$ = anal rape w/o lube.


It’s not your fault if they don’t take the game seriously enough. Even if you didn’t play to score the cash, you would probably win anyway (if you’re as good as you say you are) so it would make no difference morally.


I came into this thread expecting this guy to talk about using REAL bread and butter to rape a chick in the ass. Instead he’s talking about some lame ass tournament. Fuck this shit. I hope he loses and get’s reverse hustled.


I hereby declare that such a rape shall forever be known as a wang sandwich. First, you spread the butter over your parts, then, you put it between two slices of bread. Finally, you rape the chick.



I feel dirty.


what school is this at?


I just imagined a really stale loaf of french bread penetrating a chick. Butter for lube ofc


In the Infamous Words of Tommy “Buns” Bundy (“Belly”):
“We born to die. In the meantime, Get money! Fuck a Book!”

I’m not gonna knock your hustle. And I also don’t think it’s a question of Morality, It’s a game of smarts and seems like your head is more than 1/2 way on.

I also feel for you because your a college student… and we know, college kids are broke!


What i have to say is… just because you’re using top tier doesn’t mean you’ll win. If you have good mind games and have good fundamentals you’ll stand a good chance against your competition. Top tier can fail if you don’t use them properly or know how to use them at all. As for bread and butter combos/strats, for Tekken you should head over to the www.tekkenzaibatsu.com forums and find the appropriate topics for your characters. For Soul Calibur, www.soulcalibur.com forums are the best source for hardcore SC players.

Good luck, but don’t try to gas yourself up and think you’ll rape for free. There could be other random factors that will affect the tourney. Try to keep those in mind and prepare for the worst. :tup: