I Need Explosion & Blood Sprites

I’m working on a video right now, and for all of the blood effects and explosions/fires I’d like to use sprites on top of my live footage.

My problem is that I can’t find nearly as many as I’d like.

I know they’re out there, I know that if I devoted a full day to hunting for them on my own I could find them. But I need a rough cut of this thing by Monday, which means that I’m going to be animating for 14+ hours a day for the next three days.

I’m not asking for anyone to go sprite-hunting for me. But I know that a bunch of the people here on IMM have a huge library of sprites on their computers. So if you think you have any sprites that fit any of these descriptions, off the top of your head, please let me know.

So far, I only have a few explosions from Metal Gear. Not much.

Ideally, I need:

  • Smaller explosions
  • Giant explosions
  • A small fire
  • A big crazy fire
  • Blood squirting out in one direction
  • Blood spurting out like crazy
  • Blood splatters
  • Small blood squirts
  • Any sort of smoke

If any of you guys could help me out at all, I’d really appreciate it. I’m going crazy trying to finish this thing. I’ll owe you a big one.

Thanks thanks thanks

<3 Akz