I need Guilty Gear XX^Core Teammates!

I don’t know who to ask since everyone that plays this game in dallas is supergarbage. Anyone that frank beats is not a teammate of mine!

So AzNhItLeR, R0b0t, Kensuu or Jahn Michael de el Rio plz i need a team for evo!

I’ve been training hurrrrrd to get pumped for this tournament, i need a good team asap! Thanks a lot for your replieses :lovin:

frank is garbage… i can beat frank with just one button.

lol @ Frank getting win’s in Guilty Gear.

…wait he actually beat people!?

Why dallas doesnt have a good scene in guilty gear compared to smaller towns…Boggles the shyt out of me.

That’s a whole new subject. It’s still my favorite game but ever since the main players of the #R days stopped playing, people stopped caring about it. I try to play ^Core from time to time, but those times are far and few.

I was surprised that man Logan actually wants to play. I’d team with him but I don’t think I’m going to evo. I’d have to be convinced into going by either David Hem… or Jesus.

alot of us have jobs and family. we still play about once a week or so. and chief is right… alot of us dropped out after #r. even i dont know everything about AC but i still give a hard match to anyone as long as a drink my PWN sauce in the mornin.

Supergarbage? Compared to you?

Well this thread is now full of fail.