I need help against bison

Is there anything that can punish headstomp? Like bison is the only one that gives me problems. Should i rush him down or TS him like idk what to do against him. Usually all i see people do against me is spam headstomp or devil reverse any suggestions?

The ones that spam headstomp are easiest to beat!

If you see the headstomp coming I always jump back Fierce to punish. Most people can just walk back to cause Bison to whiff the headstomp but Sagat walks so damn slow. If you aren’t able to jump back and punish in time, block it and if they go a skull diver you can tiger uppercut, if they go back to the other side of the screen throw a low tiger shot for chip damage.

Just be careful not to tiger uppercut a blocked headstomp til you actually see them try to follow up with a skull diver cause if they land behind you you’ll whiff and they get a free punish.

Also if you tend to stand and block the headstomps most Bison’s will start mixing it up with empty devils reverse to throw or combo. Looks like a headstomp but they can land right in front of you and if you’re blocking thinking it’s a headstomp its a free throw.

Check out the matchups thread stickied at the top of the forum

I can’t blame the guy for asking, considering that the match-up thread is over 15 pages and not organized. If you look on the first page, there’s nothing on Bison.

You can just use “Search this thread” and you don’t have to look through 15 pages of stuff.

Haven’t you been here for 9 years? =P

Styles change, not everyone plays the way they did when the game came out or necessarily when the posts were written.

Maybe people have new tips.

Not trying to give lip or anything but I think it’s fair to ask for help even when there is a largely incomplete Matchup Thread.

No problem asking for help… but if he keeps it in the matchup thread then when people respond it would make the thread more complete, no?

I dunno, I think that’s what the matchup thread is for. Oh well. Not a big deal, just wnated to point him in the right direction

Appreciate the input I can beat the spamers but bisons that are really good give me troubles idk is this matcheup against bison a 6/4 in bisons favor???

dude sagat has no disadvantage stop bitching about the best character in the game, learn the fucking counters man seriously

its easily a 6-4 matchup there’s nothing HARD about it, SA when u see devil reverse, jump back fierce or rh if ur not in the corner against stomps and throw some fast or slow fireballs to stop him from doing ex scissor kicks thru ur fireballs, and uppercut when he jumps in. its that fuckign easy

yeh 6/4 matchup in Sa…Bison’s favor ? lol wut ? just mix up your tiger shots, jump back fierce the head stomps and fa the devil’s reverse

Yeah this match isn’t hard, I’d agree with it being 6-4 for Sagat.

Mix up tigers shots and be careful to not throw them when he’s close enough to do EX scissors which will go through your shots and hit you if he timed it right.

Bison, in my opinion, is a tricky character to defeat. His headstomp is not as powerful as it seems. Just jump back or dash forward, Bison has a lot of recoup time after missing the move, so you can easily combo the crap out of him.

Just go to the Anti Air thread. I’ve typed a few tricks against bison. I don’t have to much trouble with bison. Only the far skilled ones. You just have to know how and what to punish. The HS is easy to punish. Same for devils hand

Bison is nothing- his headstomp is pathetic. My sexy Sagat would never have trouble dealing with this plebian move- how benign it seems in the face of his beautiful Tiger Uppercut!

General Tip:

If you have any trouble defeating any characters special moves or normals. Go to training mode, set it up so you give the CPU the input you want it to play back to you. And practice against it. Just set bison to do 10 head stomps in a row. Then hit play, then practice till you got it perfect. But yeah, I wrote up all about the matchup in the matchup thread a while ago.

Once you get in on him, don’t let up. Do tons of safe TKs. TKs stuff nearly every normal and special that Bison has, but be wary when he has super and/or ultra meter.

If you see him EX into the air, it’ll be a headstomp 99% of the time, since there’s very little point to do an EX devil reverse. When this happens, jump back + fierce, or if you have the meter, backdash and ultra.

If he’s stupid with his devil reverses, make him land on high tiger shots.

Those are the only secrets to this match.

Another secret. you notice that bison is out of EX meter, and he’s on the other side of the screen whiffing devil reverse’s for meter. Shoot about 3 low tiger shots. Then shoot a fourth, cancel, dash forward. 2x F.RH ultra. GG.

he’s building meter so he can sit at half screen, wait for a tiger shot, ex-scissor and get the knock down so he can pressure you with crouching short mixups and grabs.

f+HK beats devil reverse clean?

Also does this ultra setup work regardless which direction Dic moves after the whiffed devil reverse?

I’m also experiencing massive difficulties beating Bison. Currently this is the second worst match-up for me (around 15% of wins only), Vega (Claw) being the worst (10%, shame on me).

Blocking is in most cases fine but I’m not able to hit him properly. I’ll try the back jump to counter Headstomp (same as for Vega it seems).

Lol. Never thought of that one. Good one. Was always the safe player myself.

Anyways. This matchup should be easy most of the time. Here is how to control the skies if he tries some headstomp shenanigans.

Full-Screen: Jump forward or up and use HP. Depends on if you time your jump correctly or not.

A little less than full-screen: Same thing.

Mid-Screen: Jump up or back and use HP.

Up close: I usually just block and deal with it. It’s unnecessary to lose some health.

Sometimes, if Bison uses an EX headstomp, your jumping attack will go right through him or just trade. Just be aware of that because it will mostly be a stalemate when you both land. I haven’t experimented with an empty straight up jump to see who lands first though. What I usually do when this happens is attempt to throw him when we both land, which usually results in a tech throw. The second time it happens, I use TU FADC (Ultra).

If you have enough space and have some success guessing when he’ll try to stomp or reverse, you can experiment with forward jump+HP.

If he tries to headstomp you and go the other direction. The moment you see him go to the other side, just jump towards where he went and use HP.