I need help against Chun

Ok so after returning from my latest tournament playing as Oro which as I always do, I was doing well up untill the point where i have to face a half decent chun. Maybe I’m more of used to dealing with chars who would rush me down or maybe because i got SA2’d out of a fireball I know better than to throw. but serisouly, my main problem is creating an offense against her.

Im using Tengu which is awesome and creates nice situations. However, She crouches under s.forward and s.Roundhouse. And getting in to land standing strong is almost impossible unless off a parry or on in air qcf k. air mixups are good but j.roundhouse by chun mixed with kara throws really destroy that as well. + oros longer pokes are slow and I get out prioritized or outranged

I realize this is Oro’s worst match-up, but hes my solid character and really, i enjoy picking him.

Anyways looking for some tips on closing in on Chun and or other turtle characters. Random jump ins are getting me killed =/

Didnt do to bad though, tied for 6th or 7th out of 32

There’s not too much I can say. Oro’s low Forward works well to stuff Chun’s back+Fierce and standing Fierce, and it trades with her own low Forward. Be very patient and run down the clock if you need to.

Random notes against Chun:

  • If you have Tengu and manage to launch/reset her in the corner, go for the 100% stun combo.
  • Against less experienced Chuns, you can activate regular Tengu as soon as you get the meter, Yun-style. Approach her carefully and don’t blindly rush in or else she’ll snag you out of your dash or jump. More experienced Chuns may escape your Tengu pressure with EX Lightning Kicks.
  • If you choose Yagyou, she’s easy to double-launch (2-hit launch, walk up 1-hit launch xx Yagyou).
  • Because she gets up so slowly, you can get away with the garbage strangle throw (which she’ll mash out of after 1 hit) and do a Jab Yagyou right when you land. Even if she rolls, you can still set up an unblockable in time.

Watch Hungbee vs Amir (recent James Games tourney), Hungbee vs Paul Lee (old Denjin Video), and Inoue vs Uni (latest KSK torrent).

There is really no good way to beat chun unless you play the match enough to know when to attack. What I do is I usually play defense and draw chuns into the corner. It sounds stupid because being in the corner against chun is always a bad idea. But I think the corner is Oro’s best friend especially against a chun, you have to play her into jump with double jump forward and back. Make them get into the habit of wanting to jump and hitting you out of the air. But take the hits, then when she trys to predict your jump, just walk under her and start the chicken combo, 100%. If that does not work, just play very aggressive and try to parry everything and try to kill her before she gets meter. or play defensive and just just low m.kick. I think thats the best move against her. Just remember, when chun doesnt have meter, she will try to grab you so just be ready to tech. Do random ex uppercut drills if she doesnt have meter, you can build it back easy once you get a chicken combo on her. Just play it more and learn the matchup more.
You are either going to play an aggressive chun or a turtle chun. Against aggressive chuns, just guess more often, because the worse combo you can get hit by is a fierce then fireball or a single hit. If you get a parry, thats at least 60% meter. If you built up some meter before, its tengu time if you can get it off. Against turtle chuns, either rush them or just run back and build meter with them. Your meter is more dangerous then her meter. Just remember that if she gets hit by one launcher it can be over for her, but if you get hit by one super and dont die, you can still kill her.
Well hope that helps somewhat.

And there you have it. Sounds good, thanks!

rushing chun down isnt easy for oro, I think I may go for building tengu and getting some 100% stun off of a parry. also baiting jumps by chun is a good idea, but the chun i played was so safe and seemed to block/tech my jump in mixups. I guess I’m gonna have to try and throw more instead of trying to land standing strong. Thanks for the tips. Now i gotta figure out how not to lose to ultradavid in the quarterfinals again. lol

Yeah…sucks Oro’s poking game is so bad against Chun. He has the damage potential to waste her ass quickly. Just be random and block low FTW I say. Get those throws in so you can set up for s.MP or close c.MK and bait EX SBK’s and punish.

-like everyone said low forward is your friend, even though i don’t use this vs like anyone, i also use uoh to get off bitch hits

-a general rule with playing vs chun-li for everybody is you should always stay out of her low forward range, she can’t b.fierce, l.forward or kara throw you and if she f.fierce, she makes an EH! sound so listen for it and block it. poke with l.forward but be VERY careful vs chun with meter as jesus chuns (ricky o) will counterpoke with l.forward

-good chuns will also never jump forward at you either back or stay on the ground. jumping in with mk is your best friend to either get blocked or cross up. from there you FINALLY get in close and you have a couple of options:
-down parry - chuns get real jab happy cause they don’t want you to get momentum. if you get thrown, big deal, if
you parry it you get chicken combo to mixup or tengu rape
- lp/lk tick then walk forward low parry the jab or back throw
- dash back (she whiffs throw) then dash in throw -> be very careful on this one it’s very risky if she has meter

-there are TONS of ways after jump in mk, but you have to be very careful, it’s one of oro’s only ways to get in. if she walks under it and you just land on the ground JUST BLOCK and take the throw.