I need help! And a pony! The Deadpool Team Thread!

I was using the same team, except I chose Dante over Doom for the time being because I think Dante is better on point and offers better DHC than Doom (as of now). I won’t argue that Hidden Missiles is amazing, but Jam Session does its job fairly well too. In the end, if Doom becomes a lot better (I already see his high damage output being a huge boon), he might become the third character of choice.

Another lame combo… anyone have some cool ones yet? Bc Dante’s look fuggin stupid.


Well the whole strategy of the team I listed above is to play extreme keep away and keep Deadpool out for as long as possible.

Deadpool keeping them from advancing via ground with his grenades, and Dr. Doom keeping them from advancing via air with the missiles. Sent’s is just to make them regret trying to move forward when you can’t pin them down with the other two. So while Dante is an overall great character with some pretty good assists (<3 Jam Session), you won’t want him on point because Deadpool is holding everything down.

Go give Doom a try if you haven’t already. And like I said above, the point of the team is to keep Deadpool out for as much of the match as possible. If he’s in danger of being KO’d, switch to Sent first and foremost.

Skrull (Tenderizah) / Deadpool (Quick Work) / Spiderman (IDK)

Skrull and Deadpool make quite a team together with quick attacks and combos and good DHCs along with spider man

Oh without a doubt Deadpool is on point, sorry for the confusion, I just mean when it comes down to it, I prefer Dante over Doom in the case that Deadpool is taken out. I suppose Sentinel / Doom works pretty well too, so it’s just a matter of getting used to the new Doom.

My team has been Joe/Deadpool/Hsien-Ko

Deadpool’s katana-rama! assist is great, lets you do a launcher air combo otg into slow, or relaunch into air joe into desperado, with the option to DHC into Deadpool’s Gun Hyper.

Im not that good with Hsien-Ko yet, but the way Ive been using her is Launch with joe, team aerial combo to hsien ko, dark force then sawp out asap and abuse her dark force pendulum assist (So good!)
Im thinking of swapping hsien ko for chun eventually tho, or a good assist only type character.

Joe on assist has been pretty crappy. Idk what to put his assist as. I thought that groovy upper had invincibility but it doesnt so idk…I was thinking of switching to voomerang to help hsien ko get in and deadpool keep um out.

Btw, the team looks sick! Haha, joe color 1 deadpool color 1 and hsien ko color 2! Red n black baby :smiley:

At the moment, I’m running trish in first, using Peekabo, Deadpool with katana-rama to pick up after a trish ground slam into her fireball super, and Hulk as anchor using anti-air gamma charge to keep people off trish and deadpool.

It’s doing pretty well, and very versatile as it has enough keep away and rush down to suit my needs.

I’m still debating on who to use first trish or DP?

My Felicia/Wesker/Deadpool team is SPOT ON. OTG Katana-Rama to Chimichanga and re-launch feels good man…

Trigger Happy assist is perfect for catching jumpers. Word.

My team consist of cap’n and deapool, and skrull 9 liable to change, not so much sucess with skrull)

I’m some what well rounded with dead pool but my goal with him is more of punishment and aim for his grabs corner bound into combos. One I would liek tp dp his corner grab into instant tiger knee Hyper trigger happy. I could do katama rama to other damaging combos but this set up stop or interrupts tech roll all together so I can keep them corner. (also I suck at long combos)

and if I really want damaging combos I hyper cancel trigger happy into cap’n hyper stars and strip. (timing is difficult as opponent is otg status)

with skull i can’t hyper anything reliable with dead pool or vise verse. (except death penalty)

Lately, I’ve been rolling with Deadpool, Chris, and Sentinel. I use Chris for assists mainly, and if I need a quick rush down or some zoning back up. I use Sentinel for obvious reasons, for his health, in order to add a backbone to the medium-health team. I would substitute Iron Man for Sentinel if I wanted a better all-around team, but I find Sentinel/Hulk/Haggar to add some muscle.

how is using quickwork while Iron Man tri dashing? Does it result in an unblockable since quick work hits low?

Not sure, I’ll try it out tonight. I’ve mainly been using Happy Trigger as it allows Hulk/Haggar to close in on the opponent for a short amount of time. I’ll try that out tonight though, gonna try using a triple guns team as well with Deadpool on point, see how effective they can be with zoning and projectile pressure. It’ll probably look like this:
Deadpool/Chris/Dante or Wesker.

My team is Dante/Deadpool/Chun Li.

I used happy trigger at first for corner pressure (both applying and relieving), but now I’m using the quick work assist for mix up potential. Train to block high for a while then bring out Deadpool and land another big combo. I was thinking about switching to Katana-rama, but I think that’d only be useful if Chun was on point.

On point, Deadpool is keepaway/change of pace most of the time. I mix happy triggers and ninja gifts, keeping them at at least half screen. Once they get frustrated I try to make use of his quick, low dash to mix up opponents and land a simple air combo (still trying to TK air super :rofl:).

It’s a pretty straight-forward game plan, but I think it really offsets the crazyness of the rest of my team so that the opponent doesn’t really get used to one style of attack. As I improve with Deadpool, I’ll maybe get more aggressive but for now this works fine.

Ok, here’s what I’ve found from my little training session with my three gun characters (Deadpool/Chris Redfield/Dante):

I found that they aren’t as successful as a keep away team as I had hoped they would be. Against even a moderately good pressure offense, they seemed to be scrambling, trying to get away. I found it much more successful to pair Deadpool with some muscle like Sentinel or Hulk or both even, so that you can give and take some without having to worry too much about coming under pressure.

Deadpool (Trigger Happy) / Dante (Jam Session) / Iron Man (Unibeam)

Zone with Deadpool, and rushdown once you’ve got them knocked down with IM assist and wavedash for lows/overhead (forward + M or j.M). Deadpool plays the part of battery/keepaway because his air trigger happy coupled with either Dante assist to keep them from jumping in and IM assist to keep them from dashing in. After getting a good amount of meter (I usually don’t switch out until I get 3-4 meters), switch to Dante for pure rushdown coupled with IM assist to help him get in. IM plays rushdown again with Dante/Deadpool assist to keep them from jumping away so you can mix up with tri-jumps/lows.

Nice choice and strategy here. I like the change in gameplay, it could throw off unsuspecting opponents. Also, if you wanted to substitute Dante for Spider Man if you wanted a more offensive/rushdown oriented gameplay, with Deadpool purely for zoning and assists. I also recommend switching Iron Man for someone like Wolverine if you REALLY want a rushdown game.

European super scrub here!

I got the game today (huzzah for European launch dates) and I have no previous MvC experience. Naturally I went simply with what pleased me the most: Deadpool/Wesker/Dormammu. Thing is, I really couldn’t tell if this is a good team or not, as there seems to be somewhat of a fine art to building a team in MvC. I’m okay with Deadpool & Wesker but I don’t know about Dormammu.

Am I stressing for nothing? Can this kind of team-up work? Suggestions?

Im running with a Deadpool Quick work/ Christ GUNS/ Storm Whirl wind

Straight zoning with Ninja gift and annoy the shyt outta ppl!

Really need to work on my combos with pool and storm!
Chris is hard to learn and I can always swap with sent, lol… Im lookin for a good 2nd character :slight_smile:

@sadism engine, I find that they are a versitile group of characters to play with. I find Dormammu to be a very good zoning character and can also apply significant pressure. Wesker is good for a mix up game and for dealing some awesome damage, and Deadpool can be played both ways

Thanks. That was my reasoning as well when I speculated on what they might play like in the final build, but Dormammu was a real question mark. Especially for me. A quick gander at my sig will tell you that keep away is definitely NOT my style.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I’ll see how this works out. At least I’m in from the very beginning. Maybe I’ll be actually good at a game for once :stuck_out_tongue: