I need help! And a pony! The Deadpool Team Thread!



Been on a bit of a break from mahvel, trying to get back in with a new team. Idea: Deadpool (quick work)/Taskmaster (up arrows)/Strange (bolts)

It looks pretty good so far. The plan is to have a space controlling assist that covers vertical and horizontal space, Tasky can pressure with both bolts and Quick Work, and he can convert throws with quick work. Deadpool, on certain hitboxes, can throw in the corner, katana-chimi, tag in Tasky, shield skills and convert. And Deadpool combos ending in a Cuttin’ Time midscreen can DHC to vertical arrows into followups. So I don’t really have to worry about optimizing damage by using Tasky assist to extend.

But, I’m finding I have a free bolts assist while I’m combo-ing with Deadpool. Normally I have some idea, but I got nothing here. Can anyone help? Deadpool/bolts bnbs yes?


Seems like we’re all suddenly picking up tasky. Me included.
For wade with bolts, idk anything off the top of my head but you might be able to call them before a quickwork, let the bolts hit, then idk what you could get off of it. Although i’d just do a combo witj quickwork, teleport back, then raw tag strange into a FoF loop instead.


Tasky was first, back in vanilla, I learned Deadpool to compliment him, so I’m learning the pairing from the other way around, need to finish figuring out Deadpool with vertical arrows, used Horizontal for a while.

About the FoF loops, you can do that midscreen? I’ve seen combos into the loops, but only in the corner. Also, that means I need to actually learn FoF loops, I like Strange because of the assist mostly. I’m the scrubbiest :D.


Watch sexybeast’s matches, he’s used vertical for awhile. Specifically his match vs. Neo, probably the best i’ve seen him play minus the taunt trolling.

You should call tasky right before you fire j.qcf+m. Against characters like haggar, you can throw in pineapples after calling tasky every once in awhile. Arrows knock them down into the grenades for more dmg, then jump and watch whether they sj. If they do, j.qcf+h, if normal jump, j.qcf+M. Then call tasky and repeat.


For bolts I wouldn’t really do QW + Bolts because they duck it and bam punish since they duck the beam. You’d probably want to do something like F+M + Bolts (blocked), J.L j.H. Idk if it combos but it might. you’d probably also want to use it to wave/plink dash in. Incoming try J.M(Call bolts) J.HS see if it works on hit and on block and mix-up if it keeps them down for blocking.


Checked out Sexybeast’s matches vs Neo. I knew he existed and like his play, I’ve just not seen him since he switched teams (I remember him running either Akuma or Strider when I last saw his matches). Neo just keeps forgetting that up arrows assist exists, I saw him run headfirst into it like 5 times.

Labbed the team some. On both of your cool ideaz, here’s what I got, granted it’s not too much yet, but whatevs, I’m tryin’ (feel like I’ve lost my sea legs when I played Injustice for a straight month, lol).

Deadpool/Task/Strange lab results, day 2:


QW+Bolts does not work, that was to be expected. fM plus bolts j.LH does work, but if they hit me out of it on startup I’m paying for it with a birthday, j.LH doesn’t combo, I’m delaying the j.H so it’s low and can be faked for an empty-land low/throw, and it keeps them still on block, and that’s good enough.

For extension, I got two things that seem exploitable, but my lack of knowledge with these assists combo-wise is gettin’ to me.

  1. Off throws or stuff, I can just dash+bolts, katanarama, and they’re close enough for st.H into quick work. Conserves the wallbounce, but I’m not sure how to net a ton of damage with that yet.

  2. In the corner, I think this may work on heavy hitstun when done on a large character (and works on smaller ones when you do this off a throw), katanarama H into bolts, bolt hits, katanarama L, second bolt, and I’ve gotten both katanarama M and bolo to hit afterward. Still, as far as insane damage, I have yet to do anything that isn’t marginally above standard bnb damage.

For incoming, I actually think it works better to call bolts during or right before the j.H. They block right before touching the ground.

Oh, and bolts before ninja gift lets it confirm REALLY easily.

Also, Tasky can apparently increase the damage by tagging in and continuing the combo after a corner katanarama.
Example at 3:11 of this video.
Not sure if that’s hitbox dependant, but I can’t seem to get it to cross up not on Frank (can still do it midscreen, though), and I am having problems doing it in general on larger hitboxes. Any ideas?

End textwall.


That’s some great stuff. As for the task extension there isn’t that much of a need to do it if you’re not going to kill in one bar regardless. Save it for when you need that extra damage to try and get a one bar kill (from my experience when I used to run that team months back.)

I want to discuss Second spot Deadpool. I feel very few people run him here. I for one think it’s probably at least tied for his best position on a team. You get a lot from running him here; better incoming options for example. Maybe talk about what matches starting Wade would be more benificial, and what match-ups having him second would make more sense.


How did I not think of this?!

cr.M st.H Quick Work H, teleport L or H, whichever moves you back, tag Task, shield skills, launch, j.MH swing j.MHS, bolts and quick work extensions, doublesuper. Does more than 1 mill. Probably works for just about any Deadpool/Task team.


Or alternatively, after confirming with the other assist, combo into launch, H bola, land, quick work H teleport back, tag Task shield skills sharp sting, deadpool extension midscreen. Seems to work much better midscreen than corner.

I’m gonna make a video.


Hate to be Mr. Killjoy but that glitch doesn’t work in a match. Its a training room specific thing. In a real match they can hold back and block the bolo (where the damage resets). I asked Zeohawk when I saw him in Atlanta to verify and he confirmed. Otherwise that team would be beyond broken. One hit kills with deadpool for a bar? Yes please. Teams still good. I tried it out earlier this year. I’m messing with Haggar/ Deadpool/ Strange currently. I like their synergy


He always says it’s not. so which is it :v


Maybe it was a misunderstanding but he told me face to face that they could hold back. Anyhow I asked him on facebook and when he replies, I’ll post it


“I’ve managed to pull it off recently during matches with some of my friends. I believe it’s real; I find it easier to do it from grabs than anything else. I’m going to test it again in tournament to see if it’s really possible or maybe my friends wasn’t holding back while they were getting combo’ed.” His response from facebook


Yo guys I’ve decided to put Dp/Doom/Strider to the side for a sec and work on Dp/Strange/Doom.
The reason I’m putting Strange 2nd is because I feel like…

-Dp get’s alot from his DHC also with 1 bar XF2 Strange can be a Rapemachine, seeing how Doom gives no f*cks about XF (unlike Strider who depends on it).

-You can pull Doom in and it’s still a very strong team.
I may end up putting Strange on anchor but that’s not until after I really get used to him.

-Dp+Bolts is pretty much a free overhead, this changes the meta game so I’m not doing
Vaj>Guns xx Tele as much.

I’ve been trying to come up w/ some combos using Bolts+Missiles. Anyone have any ideas?


Guns tele is still stupid strong. It only doesn’t work against Pool players and even then that shouldn’t stop you. Me and wedge do it to eachother ALL THE TIME. Falling Guns teleport is really good too and m guns xx teleport is weird to react to.


If you jump, call the beam, and teleport when you hit the ground, you’re safe from beam blockstun and nobody expects it because they expect ground guns to tele. Just do it. Especially if you have a beam as good as the bolts of ballsack.
Idk about bolts and missiles combos, but if you watch that niconico vid i uploaded to my channel awhile back with all the different deadpool combo ideas, there’s a lot of cool deadpool/missiles and deadpool/strange tech in there.


more fun stuff to do with Unibeam! Thanks Wedge!


Overhead + disruptor doesnt cause hard knockdown. You can confirm with cr.M, st.H quickwork into whatever. Plus if spaced right you can combo off light QW + disruptor. Guns + disruptor xx teleport seems really safe too.

Ive been having alot of fun seeing what all my characters can do off jam session on incoming. If you make them block jam sess in the air they go flying toward the direction they came in, so if you can get to that side in time you can choose which side to be on for a ridiculous 50/50. In the corner its even more crazy because after they block the jam session, if you make it cross up, they fly back into the corner if you dash, but if you just stand there theyll land in front.

So midscreen you can do s.L, call dante, m QW, 50/50. In the corner three stand lights, call dante, l QW, 50/50.


I’ve been trying to do the Doom Raw Tag combos in that video but I can’t get them to connect. WTF am I doing wrong???


Okay so after kata/chimi in the corner, teleport backward, raw tag him in. stand L, c.MH keep going. Don’t do too many Ms or delay the timing of Ms too much because it scales super hard. Idk i don’t really do the doom one since it doesnt do that much damage, i do the taskmaster raw tag.