I need help! And a pony! The Deadpool Team Thread!



I’m all alone in the desert. DesertPool :[
If you guys ever want to chat on skype about tech or whatever let me know. I have too much time on my hands.


Oh yeah we can totally make a deadpool skype group if anyone wants, the two of us just bounce ideas back and forth all the time and everyone could really benefit from it lol.


Shadow leaves 30 messages and goes away for 3 hours
Wedge Leaves 20 responses and goes away for 5 hours
Somewhere inbetween we actually talk

How me and wedge message eachother somedays


I’d be down. And what part of the desert? I’m in Arizona.


Arizona as well. Edge of AZ though, and about 2 1/2 hours from Vegas.
If you guys want to add me on skype it’s shadow_nobody


Damn, I’m down in Phoenix. =P And I shall add you. I won’t have much time until tonight to Skype, but blame work and school.


I’ll likely add you too. Good to learn about more Deadpool tech and combos.


Everyone is always in phoenix.


'Cause our scene around this area is really strong. =D But it’s a bit cool to know that even if I haven’t played him yet, there’s still another Deadpool in AZ. We’ll have to play at some point, either at EVO or some other major or something. I’m guessing you’re around northwestern AZ, if you’re that close to Vegas.


Yeah, I live in a town called Lake Havasu City. It’s pretty much the city in that Piranha 3d movie. They filmed it here and it was a pretty accurate depiction of Spring Break in this town lol.
I’ll def be at evo and I’m hoping to get down to Tempe/Phx area to play people eventually.


Damn, you’re REALLY way over there. XD That’s a good few hours away from here, that it is. If you ever decide to come over here, know you’ll have at least one person hyped to play you! =D And when EVO comes around, let’s run a few sets!


Sup folks,just recently pickin Marvel back up and wanted to make a Deadpool squad since he’s one of my fave characters. I’m thinkin Deadpool(Up Trigger Happy),Vergil(Rapid Slash),Strider(Vajra duhh). Thoughts? Would appreciate your opinions


Good team, but switch Trigger Happy assist to Quick Work. It works better in the neutral with Vergil and Strider.

EDIT: Also, that happens to be Rei-chan’s team, so search him on YT for tech on how to play that team.


Hey, guys. It has been a long time since I posted anything here, and I apologize for not visiting the forums very much. The reason I’m posting is I’m currently working on a little project involving Deadpool. I’m trying to create a combo guide, of sorts, to try and attract newcomers or veteran players to try out Deadpool. I’m going to include a portion where I do combos with different teams and assists, and I want to know what teams do you want to see me experiment with?

For example, I recorded three combos with Viewtiful Joe’s Shocking Pink assist and Dante’s Jam Session assist. Here’s one of them I recorded as a sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqaxF9oZ79I

And how do you want me to start the combo? From a normal hit, overhead, ground or air forward throws, etc. Or a special condition, like an opponent got hit from a stray Strider Vajra assist. Let know what team y’all would like to see, and I will try to see what I can come up with. I think will be fun for me to do, and it will be constructive as well.

Anyways, sorry for the long post, and thanks for your time.


I hope you have the malfunction combo into Katanarama or QW extension.
Try to see if you can get better combos for Triple arrow, Log trap, Doom Rocks. Seeing as those are my 3 most used chars with pool.

I would LOVE if you could find a good combo with Weasel shot as its my preferred assist with dante.


Can you do much with the team I posted? Deadpool / Dante / Frank West? Love to see what Deadpool stuff you can get with that.


Can you do optimized vajra conversions without using teleports? and also how to get the unscaled glitch with jam session I cant get it to work :frowning:


@Renvar Actually, funny that you ask. Here you go:

My friend caught footage of me doing it. It’s just a matter of learning the timing, but this is how you do it. Also, yeah, he accidentally called it a DHC Glitch, rather than calling it an unscale.

And as for optimal Vajra-confirmed combos without teleports, I’d guess the best solo combo that comes to mind is Katana-Rama H, Chimichangas, dash up S, a.H, Bolo, Quick Work H, dash up S, a.HS, then air HHT. (Or if you’re okay with a slightly tight extension, throw a grenade right before doing air HHT.)

@TheCape Here’s a start:

One idea that comes to mind for me is to end a combo with Cuttin’ Time, DHC to Devil Trigger before the last hit, then raw tag into Frank to level up.


@sykilik101 Have you by chance seen “The Stylish Dead” that I put out a few weeks ago? That already has a strong amount of tech and just looking for more to add to it. (I haven’t seen your video yet, will have to look when I get home from work).

Haha, I looked at the video you posted. Thats my video dude :-p


I still find it funny how people think it’s a combo counter glitch. And I got tired trying to always explain.especially since its the only thing they care about for the character.