I need help and advice

Hey SRK tech forum.

Since I love fighting games so much and really want to improve, it’s commen sense that arcade sticks is a must.

I got one called “Arcade Pro” that can be used both on the PS3, X360 and PC.

But I would really like to mod it and I don’t know any place to get the parts or anything.
Can some of you please tell me where to get the required parts and/or maybe recommend a stick that is better?

Thanks in advance.

Search the forum for both the datel stick mod thread and the paewang revolution stick mod thread

They’re technically the same stick so the information from both threads is interchangable.

I’d personally recommend ditching the case and just using the PCB in a better case. The stock case is way more hassle than it’s worth. I ended up buying an SE just for the case.

Honestly unless you’re familiar with soldering, modifying, etc. you’re much much much better off just buying a TE and being done with it. Modding is not to save money it’s for the hobby/fun. As a matter of fact avout 90% of mods will cost you the same or even MORE than buying something that works without needed further modding.

Pbc? Se? Te? :confused:

PCB=Printed Circuit Board is the motherboard that controls the stick. SE is the standard edition fight stick released by Madcatz and the TE is the higher grade tournament edition.

Again: read the stickies in this forum and the newbie forum.

There is a lot of good information in stickies.