I need help building a box!


Hey guys, I have finally decided I will not play any more sf4 until I get a fight stick… and I have been trying for over a month. Instead of breaking down and buying one on ebay, I have decided to try and build one myself.

What are good demensions and what’s a good weight for a box to mount parts into??

I have seen some custom pics of people’s custom sticks.

If you could leave a link with a picture of your stick and demensions I would be very greatful because I might try building 3 or 4 boxes before deciding on the “best” one.

I am very new to modding… Maybe there is a “best” dimension and weight.

What do you guys think???


You can check the The, I love my custom stick gallery thread on top, also take a look at www.slagcoin.com.


Well, what kind of buttons are you planning to use? For Happ’s the height should be atleast 2.5" to accommodate the extra longness of the buttons and joystick. For the Japanese buttons, they can be pretty slim.