I Need Help Choosing A Groove 4 My Team!

I really need help choosing the right Groove 4 my team! My team is Sagat, Iori, and Ryu. I have tried K Groove, A Groove and C Groove, the one that have worked the best 4 me is C Groove, but i still like K Groove and A Groove! I want a groove that will do some major damage, and will help me kick sum ass!:smiley:

that looks like a good N groove team. iori needs the roll, small jumps worsk well with sagat and shotos. so i think N groove fits that team…

The best groove for Iori and Ryu is probably N. Sagat can work in it to, but also C-groove is great for Sagat and Iori, it decent for Ryu. K-groove would be the best if you didn’t have Iori on your team.

I read(probably JChensor’s guide, but I don’t exactly remeber) that a good a groove character needs to have:
chipping/guardbreak cc
ground cc
antiair cc
reset cc
and all of those need to do at least 5k damage(2.5k for chipping).

So, Ryu’s probably not that good a choice for a groove because he only has ground and antiair ccs.

Stick with K, learn JD.

With any character that sucks (ie. Ryu, Kyo), put them in K-groove and all of a sudden they’re good. Holy shit!


so true almost any character can be good in k groove ahha

u talk about major damage and all, A-groove doesnt do massive damage, it just lets u ocnnect every move or whatever… k groove or n groove can do massive damage coz raged with Kgroove or using a bar with Ngroove u get +35% damage bonus or something? and with N if u have an extra bar: means lvl 3

with K: raged out is already lvl 3 :slight_smile:

I lost a character to k-dan in casual one time :bluu: