I need help combo'ing

i can only combo the cheap ways (i.e. with iori like lk lk hcf lk hcf lk)

but since that don’t work with everyone cause they’ll have a move it sucks

i.e. with rock i can do MK qcf x 2 kick super
and i can do lk lp mk

but i can’t do lk lp mk super why??

is there any tricks or tips to combo’ing supers cause i think if i could that i could be a better player


hold the mk down, do the motion, and press hk while still holding mk. that’s probably your best bet.

and just practice mk xx super first. then put the first part with it, and it’ll all come together.

yea i can do mk super like 99% of the time and can do lk lp mk 99% of the time but combine them and i can onl do it like 2% of the time. i really wanna be a top player and then when people see my team they’re like omg you’re using team rob sigley east coast holla back and things like that but i mean what kind of example would i be setting if i couldn’t do the combo’s know what i mean

i try to hold the mk and press hk but instead of mid counter i get low counter

this is bonkers

oh yea i just bought the game maybe this is why before io nly play in arcade but now i have training mode at home!

but josh wong did it to me and i was like i have to learn this

and it’s been 5 days and i still haven’t

The best thing to do is practice. I’m so serious. A while back all i did was practice my execution comboing into supers and now it’s pretty easy.

Stop trying to buffer it, and try to link it. Lp, Lk, MK, qcf qcf super… I used to have the same problem with Bison comboing in supers, because I used to always try to buffer the motion, but now I wait for MK to hit, bust out the super and it works like a charm.

you should ask josh wong. i’m sure he’d help.

Hey Josh,

How you do dat!!!


hang on tight cuz the boots be kickin it real live!


5 days later making it 10 days total and I still can’t do it, so I decided to try some other people with similar combos

Ken: can do lk lp mk and mk super, can’t do it as one combo
Geese: can do lk lp mk and mk super, can’t do it as one combo


with rock try using your thumb for the cr. lk, your index for the cr. jab, and then your middle finger for the cr. mk and negative edge the shine knuckle by doing qcf x 2 then let go of the mk.

dont use that ken combo. just try cr. lk, cr. lk, quartercircle fwd st. lk(this isnt a special move your just doing 1 qcf motion), then qcf and medium punch( you can use any punch but medium punch is always best for me)

geese dont use that combo just try far st. lk instead of cr. mk. it reaches just as far and links from cr. jab, st. jab, and close st. lk. when you connect the far st. lk go into the deadly rave(toptier!)

you gotta teach me JD throw. seems like i cant do it anymore. i JD… then they tech throw. they cant tech your throws though.

take ryu, and do c. lk, c.lp, c.mk xx shinkuu hadoken. Hold mk(shin shoryuken is just embarassing). If you can’t do that, maybe you should practice roll super.

believe it or not…you can overpractice…you can try something forever and not get it…then you’ll come back to it after taking a few days off and you can get it…weird.

I think the best advice, like what has been said, is to hold the last button before the super.

Also, it might help to incorporate that button into the motion for the super. For example, Ryu’s C.LP, C.LP, C.MK, Super: motion B to D, MK, motion to F, then QCF Punch. Because think about it, when you normally cancel something like Fierce into Super, you’re physically getting ready to whip out the motion before you even press Fierce. I don’t think many people can comfortably do Fierce, wait, then motion.

Just give me Cammy. Press fierce, fall into a coma, wake up at some indefinite time, lvl 3 super.

Some cancels require careful planning. Ken doing a a close s. rh xx dp. There’s really not much room for error. Kara cancel is even worse.

Kim doing c. mk, stomp xx super is a bitch in C-groove because all 3 use the same button and it’s a bitch of a motion.

One of the all time easiest cancels is Geese. c. fp xx deadly rave. Start the hcb, press fp anywhere between df and db. then forward lk. Too easy!!!

Point is, it all depends what you’re cancelling from and how.

Yeah, sorry, it depends on the move being cancelled. If the move takes a bit to connect, like Cammy’s Far S.HK, you have room to wait. Otherwise, you’re probably already moving the joystick to start the motion before you have pressed the button, or are at least revving up to it.