I need help deciding on a stick


Should I just get a Street Fighter TE? Or make a DIY stick with Art’s case? I cant decide >.<


Hard to say since there are different styles on controllers and play style involved.

If you just want to have a stick (with out building or modding) go with the TE

Both Art’s cases and TEs have alot of customization options including buttons, stick and art.
Art’s Hobbies also sell replacement tops for TE sticks and will print out art if you are interested.
I am also sure that Art’s replacement TE top panel can be made to various layout patterns for you.

Art’s cases since they are all made to order have alot of custom options including colors, button hole and USB passthough holes.

As Art said him self his cases are all acrylic plastic and for the average player they are fine, but those who are extra heavy on there stick could cause damage to the case. Art does sell a B type case which offers a extra layer of plexy so it would be more sturdy.


Your choice should relate to how much time and experience you have with a DIY than just purchasing a retail and play…

Two weeks just to get your case made… then shipping time of all components to make it work…
Buying the TE and using it the min you get your hands on it…

I like to go with the DIY but it took awhile to get the knack of finishing a custom stick in a timely manner… and thats still something I struggle with depending on what I want to do.


If you think you can do a custom, and the idea of assembling your own stick appeals to you, then it will probably be a fun experience. If all you want is to get a stick and get to playing, the TE is probably the better option.

It’s nice to be able to say you built your own, but if you don’t have any passion for building it you should just buy one.


Here’s some Pro’s and Con’s of each:

TE Pros:

Readily available
Highly moddable, and easily moddable
Full sanwa, no need to order parts
Can be modded later with your own custom artwork
Played stock, can probably get it cheaper than a TEK-CASE build (TEK CASE Minimum $60 case, $30 for PCBs, $50 for parts, $20 for wire, tools, solder, etc. = $160, and that doesn’t get you art, etching, or any color options. That costs more)
Universal Mounting (Any Sanwa or Seimitsu stick fits in it)

TE cons:
Require modding to work on dual systems (TEK-CASE can use PS360 for a solderless dual mod)
If you want a full Seimitsu TE, you’re going to have to pile ~$50 extra in parts. If you want different colored buttons, that’s ~$25 extra in buttons
Less customizable
The “same old, same old” of sticks

Tons of colors, options abroad, get artwork and plexiglass and case all from the same place
No need to buy replacement parts if you don’t like full Sanwa, or if you want to use colors other than the TE’s stock colors
Much easier to use multi console PCBs, such as MC Cthuhlu or PS360
Extremely modular. All parts are interchangeable between TEK-CASES, so if you want to change the color of one part, just buy the replacement part. If you want some extra side buttons, but think they look tacky, just get a replacement part. They’re also very easy to swap a single replacement part, no need to take apart the case, just unscrew the part you want to replace, or open the case and replace.
Easy to use with PS360 for a cheap, reliable and solderless dual mod.
It’s a custom stick.

Can only use JLF of Seimitsu LS-32
If you break it, you just bought it.
May be too daunting for a newbie to assemble and wire up
Higher in cost, easily.
Required to buy tools to wire up and connect everything properly.
Can spend lots of time head scratching about wiring up if this is your first go-round.
Will likely not work the first time you wire everything up. You will likely have to troubleshoot.
Takes about 2 weeks to get the case and/or any replacement parts.

Those are the ones I could think of.