I need help deleting SFV data and, starting over; is it possible?

Since champion edition is about to come out soon, I wan’t to play SFV forreal this time. I had the game since 2016 but, never played it seriously or barely at all. i had no drive or interest and everything was(still is) locked behind a grocery-kart icon. i felt ripped-off like a mf and, wasnt feeling the game at all. i would play a casual match every blue moon and dashboard (ps4) to another game whenever i lost or if my opponent started teleporting with the lag. Long story short, now that im interested in the game and will have everything for a good price soon, i re-install the game and come back to find out after some research that i have a quitters icon, a ‘‘favorite/main character’’ im not interested in, a CFN name i hate and can only change for a price and just want to delete it all and start over.

is there a way i can wipe all my data?

Welcome to SRK!

As for restarting progress, that won’t really work unless you make a new CFN account.
Most likely, if you’re on PS4, you’d have to make a new PSN, then CFN. I doubt this works as well on PC, as Steam account making has been made harder.

I’m in the exact same situation as you, so I’d recommend swallowing the pill and playing.

I can’t find nobody in casual matches to remove the skull icon. i heard it only groups with other quitters and not everybody else.

Damn dude, a quitter stat on the profile huh? I’d keep trying. See if your crossplay is on; more games, you know?

Holy shit this netcode is fucking trash.

Actually after playing Garou, Jesus fuck do I lose so much to the netcode just letting people get away with stupid shit for free.

dude is standing still one moment, next he is just magically jumping and right on top of me. Fucking christ this nonsense.

Theres a way : https://game.capcom.com/cfn/sfv/gdp?lang=en

All it took was searching up capcom support. I thought to do that at first but i didn’t expect grimy a** capcom to have something like that; now all thats left is waiting. knowing them i probably might lose costumes i bought. but championship on the way so, im not gonna be mad, just disgusted if it happens though.

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i have to wait a minimum of seven days to play online again because of the process. had it been (S)SFIV, all id have to do is delete my saved data and that was it; everything was one network through psn. this is wack as hell.

Interesting. Good to know!

Sucks to suck. Maybe don’t rage quit and ruin your account next time, and you won’t have to do all this. I have a hard time garnering any sympathy for your situation.

get a life. either you clearly looked for a reason to run your mouth or you just cant read. this situation had little to do with rage quitting and more so with restarting my account that had nothing on it and ridding a ID name i dont like, especially since it dont match my current PSN ID. what sucks is people like you exist, go preach your sadistic rhetoric to some criminals since you feel the need to have a saint complex over something petty.

case in point is that the purpose of this entire post was for help in deleting the account, nothing to do with being ‘‘unfairly’’ labeled a quitter or some whack BS that some troll could use to talk sh** . you were looking to make it personal by making it seem as if i was looking for pity, some crap you made up from the post.

gtf outta here. really.

You can change the name for ten bucks. Which is way less time and effort than all this bullshit you’re going through to create a whole new CFN.

Literally admitted to rage quitting and ruining your account with the original post. Dry your panties off and get some self perspective because this is nobody’s fault but your own.

If you wanted to just change the name, it’s simple. The “main character” issue isn’t even an issue once you play enough with your actual favorite. So that just leaves the rage quitter tag on your account, which it’s painfully obvious is your main issue even though you tried to push that point off to the side.

Nobody’s petty here but you. I don’t care why you were rage quitting honestly. You know what you’re getting with the netcode at this point and it doesn’t excuse shutting your game off mid match either way. Stay offline, or find a way to improve your internet situation.

tl;dr. get a life. not about to argue with some random bum over nothing. go preach your bs elsewhere since you got time to be a pr**k on forums. i came to ask a question, and the topic was resolved. not to e-thug and talk shit like you bum ass trolls love to do. its over, the topics been done, kick rocks loser.

my last response to this corny nonsense.

Closed because OP already had his situation sorted out.

No need for any additional nonsense.