I need help fixing a Madcatz TES+ (SOS!)


I recently bought a Madcatz TES+ off of ebay (that I knew had minor problems with it) and I could use some advice on how to fix it. When I plug it in the stick registers ‘down’ and ‘downback’ normally and ‘downforward’ registers as ‘up’ with the rest of the directions not working. When I got the stick all of the buttons were not wired correctly so I put all the colors in the right place but even still when I started up Blazblue it registered as ‘R1’ being pushed all the time so I unplugged it and still it was doing it so maybe it wasn’t R1? When I did Tekken 3 buttons were all being pushed simultaneously. I need some help so please if anyone can lend advice it’d be greatly appreciated.

Here is an imgur post of some of the internals… I can take more pictures if needed… I also don’t know anything about soldering but I have a friend who does and can help me out later if that’s what needs to be done. https://imgur.com/a/NDOfq

I know I sound like a big noob but I’ve put sticks together before but this is throwing me for a loop


This should help you get started.


Thanks this was definitely a big help. Any idea on where I’d be able to find wiring diagrams and maybe some other diagrams to determine what goes where on this board? I can’t seem to find anything helpfule


Actually what it sounds like I really need is a diagram that shows where exactly everything should be soldered. It doesn’t sound too hard of a fix but I need to make sure everything is right




Please don’t bump pages. If no one answers, then no one has an answer for you.


Everything is labeled on the pcb. But if you want I can help you figuring out what to do. PM me.