I need help for custom art for my stick

I’m looking to order a custom stick from Dreaded Fist. I have downloaded his PS template to put the image onto, but I have never used photoshop in my life. I have the image I want on there and an example from one of his previous sticks that I think I’d like to use, But I have no idea how to create it. If anyone here could lend me a hand it would be greatly appreciated.

posting the picture you want used, the template, the concept you want used, would help n.n

My bad, like I said I’m brand new at this. Here is the pic I want:



The pic of the concept I like from his site:


The link to the template is here:

It’s located in the hyperlink “template” on the 3rd or 4th question down. The template is named Atemplate.psd.

I know the image won’t fit as well as the original concept’s, but it’s just the general idea I’m looking for. I like the white space with the white buttons combined with a good action shot.

I’ve changed my mind about the concept. Instead of imitating the custom stick in the pic above, I think I’d rather just have the pic centered below the buttons and stick. i think it will look sharp with red buttons and maybe an OU logo at the top. I hope someone can help me here because I have no clue how to use photoshop and I simply don’t have time to google through tutorials. It seems like it would be an easy thing to set, I just lack the knowledge. Thanks for any help guys.