I need help getting good kof 98 99 2002


i been playing kof for long time since the psx days took a break from kof until i have my ps2 bought 98um 2002um when i found out kof have ggpo my friend told me it i very good i should go back playing it. so i did then it got worse i keep fighting Kyo, Daimon, Chizuru, Iori Chris, Takuma,Ryo, Yashiro keep getting blown up quick keep getting taunt people being racist calling me scrub saying kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk in the chat room when i lose. i quit kof for like 4 months then when i came back its the same. i practice my butt off with my characters still getting destroy like crazy cannot get one hit or beat a character i know how to short hop stuff but no good. i know how to play with my characters i just cannot hit nobody at all please give me some tips. try to not be rude stuff i really wanna play this game good here is the video of proof of me sucking. my mains are shingo yuri king terry shermie leona https://youtube.com/watch?v=KlyF6LHlk4g


It seems like you just need to work on your fighting game fundamentals. Work on your pokes and footsy game and most importantly be patient. I have had similar issues like you in the past, but try to find some people you can regularly practice with. Also, try playing Street Fighter 5. It is a great game to relearn and reinforce your fighting game skills and fundamentals. Don’t get upset with yourself, just have fun.


thanks for advice but i dont own ps4 yet or sfv i try to have fun but people keep calling me noob trash etc in the fightcade chat and being racist


dont let the trash talkers get to you, if they arent going to try to help you then just ignore them. I know that is easier said than done, but if you can remain calm then you have a better chance at winning. try to find someone at your level that is also friendly and polite(I know that may seem impossible) but making friends with another person that is at your skill level will help your game the most.

Since it seems like you prefer KOF games, I definitely recommend getting a ps4 so you can play KOF14 when it releases. Playing a game right from launch will keep you on the same page as everyone else, so even if you aren’t that great, you will be very familiar with all of the characters and make better decisions. Just have fun and find something in the game that is fun.


i couldnt imagine why they would make fun of you…