I need help in coping with loss


Guys, i have a problem with letting the salt flow every time i loose a match online. what can i do to try and just brush it off and learn from the loss?

  1. Take a break

  2. Remember losing is the path to winning. Some cheesy self-help book told me this but “Failure => Success.” If you learn from your losses, you’ll be a stronger player.

  3. Practice more.

  4. Repeat until you win everything and put a fist up Daigo’s/JDCR’s/Reynald’s/Ogawa’s/whoever the top dog of your game’s ass.


to the newbie dojo with you


Yeah take a break if you start to get angry, especially if you’re on a losing streak. You can’t play properly if you get mad.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm practice for almost perfection.

Try and block out what others think, do it for yourself. Because really…noone else cares.


ONE THING ABOUT THIS SUBJECT: There’s always someone who is better than you. Just don’t take it as humiliation. learn your Character and practice in Arcade or Training Stage. SO GO DO THAT STUFF, YOUNG FIGHTER!!


Cool off for a moment and try a different game. Any game.

You can either find some new perspectives or something else to put your time into.


playing online sucks with this game especially. learn how to play online because it’s more guess heavy. don’t worry about PP or BP or any of that shit. it means nothing in the end. just play and think about how you won/lost.


Thank you all so much for your advice. It helped out alot whem i attended Thursday Night Fights at Game Clucks and even though i lost alot the regulars have taken me in as one of their own.


Loosing is good because you make mistakes and don’t really become cocky. Just know your mistakes and move on. If you do not know your mistakes then you should start feeling salty. I played competitively in other games where a mistake can loose you the game. I usually just joke it off. If I am still not over the fact I lost then I would cool down and do something else such as playing a differen game. It is best if you do not play the same game if you are really angry or something because making a little mistake when you are playing casual or even practing combos in training mode can sometimes make you even more mad.


I you don’t review your matches in the free match player capcom provided you and then go to practice mode to fix your mistakes while learning to block, you deserve to lose and should not be salty but happy. It means that the game you are playing is rewarding your effort with what you deserve…

If you do and you still lose, keep at it and you’ll get better eventually, but you can never be perfect…


Take all your losses as a learning experience, think back to the match and see what you were doing wrong ( Spamming unsafe moves, not knowing how to block cross ups and certain moves, and so on) and learn to do it differently. It really helps me when I lose to say “ohhhhh so that’s what I have to do.” Just have a positive attitude about losing and learn from them.