I need help in injustice

im really starting to believe I suck in injustice I drop combos easily Idk how to fight good online Idk how to start off a match. like Idk whose even a good beginner character if someone could add me on xbox and help me or train with me just be patient with me im new to fighting games but I love injustice I just wanna be good send me a message or add me my gt is XxKiDxShadowxX.

Play offline

At a beginner level, you can play any character in Injustice and do well.

Who do you play now?

I use superman and I play offline but online I just get treated.

Change it up, play other characters and learn their strategy, so when you are on your best/fav character you know how your opponent will attack.

thanx for the advice

are u talking about the chain combos? they are more like special moves than combos. just enter the inputs asap and the whole thing will come out.characters like sinestro can wif the first move of the chain combos and have the projectile parts still hit and combo like B2-1-3