i need help in super street fighter 4 arcade edition

i need help on frame traps link combos p-linking pressures pokes 2 n 1 combos safe jumping
etc if u have a xbox headset can u help me.

No but I could help you with vortex zoning untechable knockdown target combo super jump cancel rushdown reversal negative edge meaty mixup kara throw hit confirm

…or we could just get together and practice our grammar. Kind of like an online study date, you know? :tup:

I normally require people to have a headset when I help them. I think I would unplug mine for this one.

or i could just put ignore list i think i like the ignore list option

You get the same effort in the replies as you invest in your own posts.

Looking for players online? Look here:


Not trying to be a dick here but this guy is nuts. On another forum website he started putting up videos like he knew what he was doing but then when he played the people in that forum he got bopped.

links ? ;))))


Well i was about to post the link to it but looks like he got my stream video deleted. smh…looks like ima have to dig into the disney vault and look for all the matches if they haven’t been deleted.