I need help installing FGWidget on a PS3 board

Please forgive me for being a complete nub, that being said i need help installing fgwidget to a ps3 madkatz te fight stick. Basicaly the wall that i ran into is that the fight stick doesn’t have a pcb. I have read lots of different stuff and none of it was either aimed at ps3 or understandable to me. Right now i have all my kn inserts installed with wires coming out of the buttons, i just dont understand where i should connect them/ where i should connect fgwidget. PLZ HELP ME, TOODLES IF YOU SEE THIS I CAN GIVE YOU MY INFORMATION SO WE CORRESPOND WITH SPEED.

The PlayStation 3 TE does have a PCB.
How else would it work?

The PCB itself is the Turbo Panel.

For the FGWidget LED Controller and KNerts, solder to the bottom-right PCB.
The PCB with all the Quick Disconnects going to.

For VCC and Ground to work the FGWidget LED Controller, solder to the USB.
The USB is on the Turbo Panel.
Red is VCC, Black is Ground.

Thanx for the quick reply. So i dont need any extra hardware? i will take another look in the next day or so and continue this thread.

What hardware would you have needed extra?

all u need is solder, soldering iron and wire. you seem set. not extra hardware needed bud

@jdm When you say the bottom right pcb your talking about the place where you connect the buttons correct? so when i solder the kn inserts to that pcb should i connect the ground to the top or bottom of each column? Then do i solder the vcc to the other slot in the column? Also should i solder to the back of the pcb? Any diagrams i can look at that will help ? i can send some pictures if that will help also.

Top is Signal.
Bottom is Ground.

How To Add Led To Your TE Stick! Is this Diagram correct? SO… i connect the vcc from the led inserts to the fgwidget corresponding slot. Then i take the ground from ALL the inserts and connect all of them to top right of the fgwidget?

You can connect the grounds anywhere. You can use the top of the FGWidget, to the underside of the TE barrier strip, to the black wire of the USB cable, whatever.

Last question for now is where do i solder the vcc from the fgwidget to the ps3 turbo pcb? and where would i solder the ground from the fgwidget to the ps3 turbo pcb?

OK so i understand i take all the grounds from the insert and then connect them to the ground on fgwidget. after that do i take that ground back to the turbo PCB? and where is the usb on the turbo ps3? Is it one of the black wires with a solid silver box next to it? the one right next to the black wire that is labeled ground? I see the red wire next to that whole area, it seems to be labeled usb do i take the vcc from fgwidget to that red wire? and then take the ground from the fgwidget to the black wire labled ground on the turbo pcb?

wierd… my image on that thread isnt working… here is a pic of what JDM714 was telling you…

Ok guys I’m going to do the soldering today. Somone plz just read this last post and tell me if what im about to do is correct. so… i solder 8 wires from each signal point from the image above and then solder each of them to the corresponding IN points on fgwidget. I am then going to take all of the vcc wires from each kn inerts and solder them to the corresponding out points on fgwidget. Now this is the confusing part for me, after that do i take ALL the grounds from the kn inserts and solder them to the top right GND of fgwidget? then from that same solder point i solder another wire from there to the usb black wire labled ground coorrect? And i take the vcc, the top right point on fgwidget, and solder that to the RED usb wire labled usb? PLZ TELL ME IF WHAT I JUST SAID WAS CORRECT

You wouldn’t happen to know strogg would you?

You wouldn’t happen to know the answer to my last post would you?

You are correct for most of it… Don’t get too complicated with the grounds…they all can be chained together and one line of that chain can be soldered to a ground point of the terminal strip from the image above… It’s a common ground set up so any place that is marked ground will do… Terminal strip or the fgwidget being the easiest to attach too… You are correct on the signal side of the mod.

Thanx Kuya, am i also correct in connecting the vcc from the fgwidget to the red wire marked usb on the turbo pcb? i guess that my final question, that and the ground on the same usb, is that where i CAN connect the wire from gnd on the fgwidget to the gnd on the usb on the turbo pcb? ONCE AGAIN THANX FOR THE QUICK REPLY

i just connected everything and it didnt work, not sure what im doing wrong but im sure i am. plz help me by addressing the question above.

Can you please take a few pictures of everything so we can take a look at your work? It often times can help us diagnose issues like yours.

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