I need help making/buying a modded 360 pad for my disabled friend


I’m not sure if this is the right place for this, but it seems like a good place to ask. My apologies if it isn’t.

Long story short, I have a friend who I play Final Fantasy XI with. We both play on 360, but he is disabled and cannot use the d-pad on the controller. This is a serious problem since the d-pad is used for ALL menus in FFXI, so he has to get someone to help him press the d-pad when he plays.

What he wanted me to find out is if there is any way to mod a 360 d-pad to help overcome this. He can use the analog stick just fine, so we were wondering if a second left analog stick could be used to replace the d-pad. Is this even doable?

He is willing to pay someone to mod a pad to do this. If someone can reply with some advice on where to ask or who to talk to, or if they can mod the pad for him, it would be greatly appreciated.


Can you say what his disability is exactly to give us a better idea?

If he is handicapped against a Dpad, FFXI is also a PC game and can be played on the PC with a Keyboard/Mouse. In fact, it’s possible a Keyboard can be used to play FFXI on 360 though don’t quote me on that.

PC and 360 servers I believe are one and the same still no?


He has MS.

He can’t use a keyboard either (although it is possible to use it with the 360 version, as you speculated).


It may not be too helpful, but the first place I’d check is the forums at benheck.com. Ben has already made an adaptable controller for disabled folks, although the status of the 360 version isn’t known yet.

I know a bunch of Halo modders install buttons on the grips for various functions; Installing them to press dpad directions shouldn’t be any harder to do, so if you can find someone who does that, and having buttons on the grip act as dpad pressed would work for your friend, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who could do it.


FFXI is played solely with a keyboard on PC (no mouse needed). If he can switch PC it’d probably help as most of the game is played through the numeric keypad part of the keyboard (I’m assuming he has problems with his left hand).

Another option could be like the old days where they had the little stick attachment that went on top of your dpad to mimic one (You could drill a small hole into the centre of the Dpad, then glue a stick into it).

Or get one of these single handed xbox 360 controllers Ben Heck made a while back (not sure if he sells them):


That is pretty impressive. Sounds like it would be a pain to do but it might be what your friend is looking for especially if you can buy one from him.


i wonder if you could disable the D-pad, then reroute inputs from the other analog stick to where they would be on the pcb for the d-pad.