I Need Help Making my Teams

like the title says i need help making 3 teams the characters i use is Akuma zero dante x-23 Jill C.Viper Super Skrull wolverine Trish if anyone can help that would be much appreciated tell what assists i should to use Thanks

They are going to close this, you should check out the character subforums, they each got threads on team building

Technically every character there except Trish constitutes as rushdown. I would throw her in there (your team), as she has some useful assists, good DHC options, strong combos, and is generally a very utility character which will mesh well with rushdowns. I would say Akuma, Wolvie, Dante, or Zero for the other two, as super skrull seems somewhat limited and has meh assists, and C. Viper, while seeming to be a great character, also seems very, very advanced. X-23 is ok, but I feel like the other’s I mentioned are more useful. She does have a low assist that otg’s though, which may fit into a final composition nicely depending on who else you choose. Jill seems like a lesser C.Viper, hard to use, not as good.

As for assists, either trap assist for trish has utility in a variety of situations
Akuma has 1 of 2 high hitting assists in the game to set up unblockables and his tatsu really sets up for some nice rushdown pressure. Also has an insane lvl 3 XF, so he makes a decent anchor.
Wolverines, I’m not so informed about, but I know he needs a lot of assist support, so if you use him, make him your first character.
Dante’s jam session is quick, holds up for OTG’s, and has nice anti-air properties. Outside of that assist, I’m not sure. Keep in mind you will need to learn how to use dante effectively, and his combos are pretty lengthy.
Zero is also somewhat limited in his assist, his shippuga has similar uses to tatsu, and also holds up char’s for OTG, and his assists benefit from shadow mode. A lot of experimentation would be warranted for his assists.

Easiest team to use with a good amount of advanced options some synergy that I can see:

But all characters in this game really fit some sort of niche role, so it’s up to you to figure out how you want to blend those things together. I didn’t include Dante or Zero in that list because I was designing that based on ease of use. It’s up to you on how advanced you feel like getting.

Hope this was helpful!

Use the team-building thread. :smile: