I Need Help Mr. Wizard!

Mr. Wizard my name is Carlos Lucero…aka CHUCKY… I registered for evo west/world…at my job…i’ve successly purchased and printed my comic con badge b4 the 21 of june…but my computer crashed at work when trying to print the ID number for the registration online for mvc2…how can I get that information and confirm I’ve successly registered for both events? HELP would be appreciated thx!:sad:

Is There Anyone Who Can Help Me! I Want To Inquire If In Fact I Registered For Evo West And World And How I Can Get My Id Number!

If you indeed did register you name is on the list, but if something went wrong, and you dont have the paper, you will not be allowed to have the spot.


Chucky, if you haven’t already tried this, check the browser history. The receipt’s URL should look something like:


Firefox pulled up my receipt from the link in the History when I tried it, I hope it works for you.


I am in the same boat as the topic creator. I have the email receipt from my paypal payment, is it absolutely necessary to have the printed webpage? :confused:

The page says

“YOU MUST BRING THIS FORM or you will not be allowed to play in the tournament.”

In big red letters, no less. Good luck, I hope you turn out not to need it. Kinda doubt it though.

The computer that my printer is hooked up to crashes when I try to print half the time, so it’s not like I didn’t see the big red letters or anything :frowning:

I’m just hoping I don’t have to re-register :confused:

my bookmarked page doesn’t show any of the games i signed up for, but if i print it out i should be okay yeah?

IM more concerned with evo west…i have receipts from paypal that ive entered evo world…it came to 30 buck even on my credit card plus i printed the receipt from paypal…it’s evo west im questionnable about…i’d rather know now and be able to be early at the emergency reg desk then find out the day of the event! by the way thankyou for your help!

I’m in the same boat as Rickstah. I saved the page for Evo West to print out later, and I registered for MvC2, 3S, T5DR, and GGXX when the spots were still open. I printed out the form a couple of days later and it only showed me as having registered for only T5DR and GGXX after spots for MvC2 and 3S have already been closed off despite me registering for those games when they were still open.

So, are we screwed? :sad: