I need help on doing Shoshosho on the right side



This is so strange cause I can do it pretty well on the left side…but I fuck up a lot on the right side. Any tips? :frowning:


So true… :lol: :lol:


Is there any certain timing for the Shoshoshosho combo?
I can do it sometimes but after that i just cant seem to get it no more…the things that i am told to listen to is the noise she makes u know sho sho or the hit sound but if anybody could tell me if there is any thing that tips you off to do the next sho plz help me im sorry if this sounds like a dumb question but it pisses me off that one day i can do the combo and the next day i cant
Thank you!!!:smiley: :smiley:


Try to work your way up to it. For example, start with (one DP, and cancel into a HK) x N. Use the HK to learn the timing. Then, increase to (2x DP, HK) x N. Then, (3x DP, HK) x N. Keep increasing the number of DP’s you do before the HK until you’ve got the timing and don’t need the HK anymore.

I can’t do ShoSho very well on the left side. Any tips? What’s the best way to hold the joystick?


do one dp then buffer. I find it easier to do manual dps going towards the left, but when i do it towards the right i always buffer. and of course, practice, practice


Try holding the joystick with your mouth.