I need help on how to learn a character

Ok, so I’m not new to Street Fighter, but I’ve never actually been good at it. I recently decided I would start sitting myself down and trying to figure out what moves are good, what to do what not to do, etc.

What I’m wondering, is how exactly should I go about figuring out what moves are good to use and what isn’t? For example, if I want to figure out my character’s best air-to-air move, what should I have the training dummy do? Is there one certain move, that if my character can beat it, then the move I used is a good air-to-air?

I have the same question for things like anti-air moves and pokes.

Sorry if the wording of what I was asking was a little awkward, I can try to explain it further if it isn’t being understood.

Also just something random I remembered, but I was completely stumped on it nonetheless.

A day or two ago on ranked, I was using Vega and was against a Ken who constantly was crossing me over with either LK or MK, and then would mash jab, whether it hit or blocked. I figure I could’ve FA’d the hit and backdashed, or just dashed under him to stop it, but I wasn’t able to think of that during the match for whatever reason. But was there anything else I could’ve done to stop him from doing that same thing over and over? My main problem with it was that it seemed like I couldn’t punish him after he was done jabbing me, so I was kinda at a loss.


Try this post for some good info:




ehhh… it’s excellent that you’re trying to learn the hard way, but I don’t think you’ll be able to do that without having a basic knowledge of FGs in general. for instance, there’s generally 3 types of anti-air: ground to air, air to air, and distance manipulation. without knowing that, you wouldn’t be able to learn what good anti-air is. anyway quick example of the 3, shoryuken is ground to air, Gouken’s air LP is great air to air, then an example of distance manipulation would be stuff like yoga teleport or dashing under someone as they jump.

same for pokes. to poke you’re gonna need a jab, a meaty attack with range, and something with high priority. all are not absolutely necessary, as whatever you lack can be easily compensated for with your playstyle, but generally that’s what you want.

however let me remind you, you’re learning the hard way. there are things you can miss by learning this way. so instead of just thinking that something that works for you is the best answer, it’s nice to get input from others. for instance, I listed Gouken’s LP as a great air to air but for all I know maybe someone thinks his MP is superior air to air and has objective data on why.

I think you’re talking about that special little jump arc that shotos and Seths like to take advantage of. one of the easiest way to stop this is to make sure it never starts up. once you’re in it though it’s up to the player… and there’s many things they can be done. for instance, once they come down and jab you they could either go for another jump MK or they could just throw you right there. to beat the second jump, you really just need to be on guard for it. to beat the throw you could tech or shoryuken immediately. back dashing may also help throw the distance off JUST a little bit so that they can’t continually jump you anymore but that depends on your char’s backdash. another thing that’s helpful are any escape moves you can use.

A very handy tool is the training mode dummy, in this case. Want to figure out a good anti-air option? Set the opponent to jump (or record a jump-in attack, your preference) and go through your normal and specials to figure out what works. Practice against crossup attacks by recording a situation (for example, cr.HK then crossup jump MK with Ryu/Ken/Akuma) and just trying stuff.

Also, I’d highly recommend going to the forum specific to your character and doing a lot of reading there! It really helped out with my Bison. Also, it’s a good idea to find a high level player who uses your character (Daigo/Valle for Ryu, Ortiz/Wong for Rufus, etc.) and watch lots of videos.

hope that this advice helps!

Actually bro, the SRK.com community has already done all of the work for you. You don’t need to go to the training room and use 5-6 normals AA or A2As to learn which one is the best. Just take a look into the character specific forums and read what Pokes, Anti-Airs, Combos etc are the most effective.

You don’t necessarily have to spend time figuring out which option is the best (though it is totally up to you). Most of the community forums are filled with people who have spent countless hours learning matchups and normals. Find out what character you’re interested, read up on them, print out a sheet of things you want to practice, and get to work.

SRK don’t always do the work, and the info ain’t always solid

No, its pretty solid if you look into specifics. I think its alot faster and effective to go under the [Character] Forums, learn what said characters best anti-air/full range poke/air-to-air/etc is and then see how I can use them as opposed to going through 6-10+ Normals trying to see which one is the best in each scenario.

There’s no reason to re-invent the wheel. If people are saying it works and it does, then good. That’s less time consuming than cycling through an array of normals/specials to determine which is the best.

How do you think people did it back in the arcade SF2 days?

yeah, right. :rolleyes: I’ve found more fallacious info here on SRK than Gamefaqs. the sad part is, people LIKE to lie there. not even trying to discredit SRK or anything, I’m just saying they’re not always right and always detailed

Which character do you want to learn? We can help you directly, either here or the character forum.

Look in the character forum for info on that character and watch top players play that character in tournaments to learn tricks/strategies. Then learn combos.

You can practice AA’s in training mode to figure out if a move wins. Try AAs vs Vega j.hp, Blanka j.hk, Zangief j.mk, Ryu max range j.hk, and any other jump-ins that scare you.

For pokes, after you see the moves in training mode, try to theorycraft when you might use each button. Then try to do it in matches and see if it works. Most moves have a use in footsies, at least at specific ranges in specific matchups.

If there isn’t a good combo thread look at the frame data and try to make a high damage hit-confirmed BnB by messing around in training. Or copy what people do in videos.

Thanks for all the input, guys. I’ll definitely read around the forums a lot and gather any info I can from it, and then just take it into my own hands in training mode from there. Also thanks a ton for the suggestion of jump-in attacks to test AAs on, that helps a lot.

As for who I want to learn, there’s really no one in particular, I’m just trying to start out by getting a basic understanding of all the characters and what they can do. If I had to pick though, it’d be Vega, then DeeJay, then Hakan. I know they’re not the most popular, but I definitely have the most fun playing as those three.

You will learn infinitely faster if you just play people and try stuff

to Dented Toast:

  • he’s pretty dead on.

try playing through the game over and over with different characters until you find the ones that feel right to you, then play through the game on harder, then hardest settings, then start working with real folks. remember that street fighter is less like zelda, with a beginning and an end, and more like learning a martial art. there is no beating it, even if you clear the levels, and the goal is self betterment. there are no power ups or magic tricks, just gotta feel it out, research, study, and fight, always fighting. if/when you get good and beat all ur friends and family over and over, find better opponents. i have driven to different cities for a good fight. it just takes dedication and will power. the secret to being great at this game is, again, practice and study. remember too, not to get discouraged if you get whooped really bad, you must lose to become great, and fail to succeed.

good luck and if you get tatsunoko vs capcom, friend me, my friend id is in my sig.

That is definitely a problem I’m having. I try to avoid ranked like the plague since I always find myself losing to people I feel I definitely shouldn’t have, and I wind up getting pissed off instead of taking it as a learning experience.

Also I actually have TvC, however the Wii is unable to connect to the wifi on my campus. I’ll have Wii wifi again in about 3 weeks, though.

I think the IPW guides are a good start. They have just the right amount of info to get you on your way, they are organized, and there is quality control so the information is correct.


Check it out :slight_smile: