I need help on what stick i should buy


I wanna replace my TE round 2 stock stick with a sanwa balltop. Which one should i get? Thanks guys.


You just want a different balltop?

Just pick the color you think will look nice…


I like bubble tops, they look nice even though they’re not sanwa.


Um, no. I was looking for a sanwa balltop stick. Y’know, not bat top? To replace my TE.


Like, the whole stick, not just the top.


Y’know what, let me be very specific as i should have in the first place. A Sanwa brand joystick to replace my TE stock stick. And it has to a ball top not a bat top. there we go. :3


TE’s already come with Sanwa JLF. Unless your TE’s JLF is acting up then makes sense to replace it.


Jlfs’ are balltop by default. The TE’s default joystick is a jlf. The specific model of the jlf that TE uses is the jlf-tp-8yt-sk, if I recall correctly.




Y’know what, let me be very specific as well. I should have been in the first place.

The Tournament Edition arcade stick (stock), includes:

[*]Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK, which is a ball top arcade stick, NOT BAT.
So if you want to replace the original stick, AGAIN, with what you should already have, if it is a stock stick… Just get a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK and pick the ball top color you like.


I think all major sticks today come with a JLF, and possiblySanwa/semistu buttons.

Hori’s TE’s Qanba’s all come with JLF’s and Sanwas by default these days. The only real replacing you need to do is just get different button colors, and a new balltop color.

Btw, off topic, but does anyone know where to get just plain old sanwa push buttons without the switches inside?


Well, i was looking for a stick that would be better if there is one. :3


The JLF is arguably the best stick in the sub $30 range.

Sanwa only makes two models of joystick suitable for fighting games, and the JLF is the only one plug and Play with the TE.

Define better. Other good options are:

Seimitsu LS-32-01 can go in TE with stock SS mounting plate
Seimitsu LS-56-01 with an MS mounting plate
Seimitsu LS-40-01 With SS mounting plate

None are definably “better” in terms of quality, they are just unique in feel and comes down to preference.

There also exists a Sanwa Flash, an optical stick, but if you can even find one from some random person on the internet, you will be lucky if someone will even accept $220 to part with that model discontinued in 2004. 2 or 3 of them pop up on the trading forum each year and $200 is the lowest i’ve seen it go for.

That or a gut an Ascii Optical stick which is a clone of the Flash, but it will probably set you back $100+. If you can wait in some undisclosed time Toodles will make a replacement board that is another clone of the Flash.


When you’re already driving a ferrarri, there is no better car.


I’d go this route with an octo gate if you’re just looking for something different. It has a decidedly different feel from the JLF that many people enjoy.


I believe the better move would be to ask “what exactly is the OP looking for in a stick?”


He may not know. It reminds me of the posters asking how to add a JLF to their TE.


Agreed. I’ve got a half finished stick with this setup and I’m finding myself using it more than my JLF/LS-32 sticks