I Need Help on what to do cuz im stuck



OMG!!! Im soooooooo pissed right now it seems everything I try with Guy just goes down the drain when i hit 2000 points. I have tried safe jumps, frame traps, resets, stop run pressure, option selects, crouch teching, tried to learn his ridiculously hard light kick to medium punch links just you get scrubed out 9 times out of 10 by a T. Hauk grab or a annoying shoryuken into the fire ball that just kills half of my life… I train hard and make it a routine to practice everyday but no pay off… I get scrubed out by blanka, bison, cammy, ryu, oni, and rufus all the time without fail. Im about to drop this game if this keeps up… Im sooooo pissed


Could of posted this in a general thread but whatever.

Resets, Option selects and fancy combos don’t mean jack if you have bad fundamentals and poor reads. Learn the matchup and realise what is sensible and what isn’t. Limit the difficult links on grapplers and bait SRK’s. Take things slower and you should so better. Keep at it.


Ive looked at some pro guy players and i see that they say mid range and poke until they can find a opening then when the opportunity opens up they go and do big damage but im talking about stuff like ryu’s hard kick it hits me alot even when i try to time my medium punch or kens cross up its sooo fast i dont have enough time to read. I know im complaining and it annoys ppl but i just want to win like everyone else and i have a hard time finding what the difference between a pro player and me.


You need to stop focusing so much on the winning, and just stay focused on what it is you are doing. It doesn’t sound like you have spent nearly enough time learning your matchups. Pro players don’t have some secret ability that you can’t have. They just know their matchups, study their opponents, practice their combos. You may find you have to completely change your mindset about the way you play. Learn to understand when you’ve made a mistake and actively work to correct it. I easily spent the first year of playing this game back dashing far too much, especially on wakeup. Watch your replays back and understand why you have lost every game that you lose. Once you understand, you should then look forward to playing that person again because you know what mistakes you made that they were able to capitalise on and will work towards making sure that doesn’t happen in the next game. Carry that on solidly for a good few months against a wide variety of players and characters and you’re well on the way to becoming a great player. Play to play well, don’t just play to win - there is a difference.


Thanks nebbiez for the advice im going to start training in match ups like you said and work on that day by day. I really do love this game with a passion but at the same time i hate it as well lol but i get what your saying, Its all about trial and error. One thing i have alot of trouble with is cross ups do you have any advice for me on that?


That just comes with practice. Soon enough you will just be able to tell.


I would say learn to play Guy defensively. Forget about him being “rush down” because some characters will poke you to death with their cr.mk only (ryu one example). A lot of the cast, you have to wait for them to come to you, and maintain your space without being cornered. Only after a knockdown can you really attempt a mixup - depending on the character and the risk that you take.