I need help performing zangief Final Atomic Buster


I’m totally new to street fighter series and i rented super street fighter 4. I need to know how i perform zangief final atomic buster.

I try buffering the attack by performing kick or punch and while turning analog stick 720 degrees and doing a punch. However, I’m not fast enough and zangief does a jump in the air instead of his move.

P.S. how do you perform his green hand whiff attack??



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try jumping in and doing a 720 right before you land, timing the last 360 to end as you hit the ground, then press all 3 punches.

If you’re trying to just do standing 720s then you have the right idea just gotta work on doing it faster.


FADC crumble then dash forward then do the 720 +3 punches


Thanks for the advice

Do you know how to do zangief green hand attack??


what’s a fadc crumble and how do i perform it??

I do a jump zangief and turn analog 360, then i turn it 360 again when he lands. He jumps again, It’s seems this move is impossible to do without zangief jumping.


FADC is a focus attack you dash out of. Focus Attack Dash Cancel.


That’s your problem, you are too slow.

Check the wiki (link at the top of the page) or your in game move list for how to do special moves. I would read the wiki regardless to get an understanding of how the game works.


This thread is hilarious. GG


There nothing hilarious about a newbie asking for help?.


Sarah if your on playing pad (controller) try instead pressing : right< down < left < up+3x PPP. PPP is all three punch buttons at the same time.


Should i save money and buy joystick pad.

Cause i find perform a 360 move almost impossible.


to do it in the air, just spin the stick like crazy, 3 or 4 times, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t need to be exactly 2 rotations, just needs to be at least 2, and then hit the punch buttons the moment when you land.


You can take advantage of a shortcut to get the 720 motion done every time. Dash or buffer it into a normal attack like st. FK

1 x 360 motion, 1 x 180 motion + PPP

So starting from forwards like i prefer, the move is.

F,DF,D,DB,B,UB,U,UF,F,DF,D,DB,B + PPP all in one complete motion. One complete circle and one half circle ending at back.