I need Help Regarding my Street fighter Aniversary arcade stick(sanwa mod)

Hi how are ya all i got two street fighter anniversary arcade sticks lying around and would like to mod it with sanwa jlf sticks and obsf buttons as i dont want to use my sf4 Tournament edition alot. Anyhow i researched the stick alot and found out that i wont have much problems installing the sanwa obsf button however the jlf stick needs some working so please could someone redirect me to a tutorial of how to mod the anniversary stick sanwa parts oh yh i dont need to solder anything as i have ps3 pcb board that has quick connects thx

Why do people buy TE Sticks and finally decide oh i want to not use it, If you’re afraid of buttons etc getting worn out you’re better off buying a spare JLF and 6 Sanwa’s and swap them in in preparation for tournaments but its pretty hard to wear them down that bad unless you beat the hell out of your stick.

Anyways the search on here is very helpful you just have to be specific with your search.

Here’s a thread happ mod.

I have no idea how big STOCK SFAC Buttons are but if its just QD’s(QuickDisconnects) and the hole is 30mm, Im pretty sure the buttons swap out just like the SE/TE

Getting a JLF in there would be a total pain in the ass. I forget the thickness of the top (3/4inch?) but I imagine it would need some routing.

It’s really not worth the trouble to be frank.

You can hook up a Sanwa JLW stick which is better then the JLF IMO w/ no modification.

You’re better off looking for someone willing to buy your case for $40 and using the money on a Hori EX2 case or putting it towards a HRAP case. Using the SFAC case for Japanese parts is like going to an Indian restaurant and ordering a hot dog and a cheeseburger…

If you really insist on doing this, you’ll need at the very least a drill. A router will produce a neater result and your stick will feel better since it won’t be mounted under 3/4" of wood. Chances are if you’re asking how to do this you don’t have those :looney:

The best way to go tbh is to ask a machiner to make a new top panel for you out of plexiglass/metal and mount that on top of your old top panel, that would allow you to mount your JLF just like on the TE instead of under 3/4" of wood (that causes noticeable changes in deadzone/engage size, and shaft height). Something like arthong’s [media=youtube]MLVM4Fokyxs[/media], but custom made for the SFAC. Hell you could probably half-ass it and just use one of the ones for the TE and drill new holes so it mounts just like on the TE.

Damn didnt know it would take that much work just to put a jlf stick in there hmmm it seems i can put a jlw stick in there without much problems ah well its meant to be a substitute for the Tournament edition anyway. thanks alot for the help and if you happen to come across a tut to put sanwa parts in there please do not hesitate to post or pm me thanks, oh yh one more thing would the same thing apply if i were to choose seimitsu parts?

why do you want jlf in that case and not use te? that doesnt make any sense

seimitsu dimensions are identical to sanwa

japanese buttons will not fit because they are too short for wood, you can use korean part. they feel like seimitsu and are very good http://www.etokki.com/ArcadeButtons

you can try korean joystick too 305 and 306 are also very good http://samducksa.com/en/product.php?Cate=9

along with fanta http://www.etokki.com/ArcadeJoysticks/Myoungshin%20Fanta%20stick%20Green

edit; forgot to mount
use voltech mounting plate, forward mount the plate, & reverse mount the joystick

need to make hole 36mm to clear korean dustwasher

I just bought korean stick, i thought they were the same dimensions w/ Happs…I was going to hook this up to my SFA stick…So where do you get the Voltech mount? How much is it…

pics http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3589/3379863036_0734809ee3_b.jpg

buy http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=184243

does anyone know how big the top panel of this stick is? i just wanted to know because i will be getting one soon, and wanted to know if changing the art will be cheap

Changing the art is very easy…I think it will cost you only $2 at Kinkos…

is it just ledger paper which is 17x11 or bigger than that?

i think its bigger then that, the 17x11 is for HRAP sticks…Its been awhile

17x11 is right, I have a spare art print I never put on one of my SFAE sticks and just measured it.

completely agree.

its pretty hard to kick fuck out of the te, but if you manage to then jlf’s and osb 30’s are in huge supply. and there plenty of tutorials here on srk to help, oh and ive never modded anything yet.

the te sticks are tough, i couldnt get hold of a te here in the uk in 09 so for £27 all in, i bought a cheap ass chinese stick based on the old hori t5 design and i beat the crap out of that on mame and ps2 for a year and its still going, sure the sticks a little loose, but buttons are fine. so imagine how long the arcade parts will go for on the te. now that cheap ass is there for mates or for my pc.

i give my mvc te a good beating at the mo because i just recently purchased ssf2t hdr off psn, and im a little out on my execution so it gets some abuse,

i have never played sf4, i fear if i play that then sf2 will die. you cant beat the shoryuken sound of the dragon punch on champion edition.

^Dont do it man, i haven’t opened SSIV since release date haha…

^Dont do it man, i haven’t opened SSIV since release date haha…

i dont think i ever will play sf4, in uk sf2 is almost gone man,

people think tekken 3, 4, 5 & 6 is better than street fighter 2!!!

i used get cussed for playing sf when tekken 3 come out.

the uk scen is on the way down for sf2

does anyone out there have a photoshop template for this stick? i just got one off meus and i want to eventually change the art to something sexy.