I Need Help Replacing the Sticks in a Crowin Case 203 Korean Candy Cab


I recently got this Korean candy cab, and well I want to restore it as much as I can. I’ve already replaced the buttons with Crown CWB203A. That much was easy enough, but I can’t seem to identify the Crown Joysticks that came with the cab.

Does anyone know the model of this Crown stick? It doesn’t seem to be any of the ones currently offered? 301, 303, 307, 309, etc. I suppose getting a stick with compatible dimensions is a second option but I’d like to stick with original parts.

The way the panel holds them there’s plastic arms with clips that snap it into place. then you use the 4 mount holes to screw it in. On the original sticks the switches aren’t screwed in, they’re sandwiched in place by a clear restrictor plate. I like this square restrictor, but all the current korean sticks seem to be circular?


I have one of these cabs as well. Yours looks like it’s in much better shape than I got mine in (my joystick gates were in pieces in the control panel)

I haven’t been able to find a 1:1 replacement stick, but according to the diagrams listed on etokki, the CWJ-303N seem to be drop in replacements.

Another option is to buy new microswitches and shaft and mount them in the existing housing.

My panel lost both clips for mounting the joystick, and the previous user just drilled through. I ended up replacing the panel with a custom routed plywood board and japanese parts, but I’m looking into fixing the original panel at some point.


Thanks for the repy, I got impatient and just ordered 2 Crown CWL-309Helpme-K-KMS-ST35 Joysticks. Hopefully they fit alright? I am thinking about having someone custom make me a metal panel that will accept japanese buttons and sticks… and then be able to use the japanese mount ksticks on it too.


your joystick is a discontinued crown/samducksa cwl-302. It’s not the typical korean stick people use, as it is really japanese style , it mimics part sanwa jlf & part sanwa jlw concepts (not only jlw as claimed some time ago. 302 has a snap-fit gate just like the jlf ) .
coincidentally, crown still proposes “old” models like the 304,305,306 but it’s been a while they left the 302 out of the catalog for good.


Interesting, thanks for the info! That does explain why I like it a bit, because I am a JLF fanboy. I ordered the new 309 sticks, hopefully they fit in the same dimensions…