I need help selecting characters


man i’m in a dilemna, i like playing with every character, i want to stick to 2-3 teams but i’m ok-good-great with a lot of characters and i love playing them all and i’m comfortable with a lot of them too, but i can’t stick with 2-3 teams.


ok let me help you

choose s-groove kyosuke/yun/yuri


Yeah! those guys are top tier definately!! i should stop working on my Kim/Sakura/M.Bison A groove team just for them!!! anymore suggestions?


use ur A Vega team, and ur K Kyo team, and if ur Dhalsim is serious business use the A groove team.
Those r all good teams u have listed in ur sig.


… Kyosuke? That doesn’t make any sense.


yea durh it was sarcasm :rolleyes:


If you play smart with Yun and Yuri, they don’t suck.



speak english please.