I need help to mod my TE 2 and Atrox


I have planned to buy Two Brook UFB and installing them into my two sticks. However, I have never tried to mod them cause Im pretty new into this. Can someone help me? Will i need to buy something else besides the pcbs?


maybe the tools and materials for the mod.

All you really need is wire cutters, wire strippers, screw drivers
And some stand offs for the PCB.

If you want to use the guide area you might want a soldering iron


dont need iron for home button


Sorry I was thinking the original TE


If you have the XboxOne TE2, i’d say get the cross bone, so you’ll do less soldering.
Just invert the switch from the crossbone, and it’ll automatically run off the UFB as soon as you plug it in.


having the Crossbone and the UFB is redundant UFB already does both Xbox consoles


right, that I’m aware of… but for people looking for an easy route, this might help them since you literally have to solder less than 10 solder points? this is only for TE2 XboxOne version, of course…


@iAmDjFLiP you will still need to solder the USB from the external connector and the usb from both boards, as well as all of the inputs, and lastly solder the invert switch.

With just the UFB, you only have to solder ~5 things if you dont want LEDs.


right, agreed… i mean this would be the easiest option for someone w/a te2, and doesn’t wanna gut out the current pcb… all i was trying to say was, there’s plenty of different ways to go about it.

To OP, care to elaborate which version of the sticks you have? That way we can further help you and, and us not go off topic.


Fuck the original PCB. You will never use it again when you have a UFB. Guaranteed. If you do you are a sadist.



Good, feel the anger, use it join the Dark Side.