I need help which picking parts and what parts are compatible with my Qanba Q1


hi, i’m looking for the model of the clear sanwa buttons that you remove to button part to insert your custom artwork, as well as a joystick to replace the stock one and a link to some ball tops, also could you tell me what extra bits and bobs i’d need to use, i.e specialty screws etc.

if you suggest a us store see if they check internationally please


Hey, welcome to tech talk. You are most likely looking for sanwa OBSC 30mm translucent buttons. They come in different translucent colors as well. For the stick you can swap it out for all the usual suspects - Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Seimitsu LS-56-01, or the Hori Hayabusa they should all work. Since your just swapping those parts I don’t think you’ll need extra hardware. Post a pic of the inside and we can tell you for sure. Here’s a few sites you can check: focusattack.com / paradisearcadeshop.com / jasenscustoms.com


I’d double check before ordering a hayabusa, those things are huge, and the q1 is pretty compact.


thanks very much,

will do


JLWs are really good levers as well. Also, if you’re having trouble locating clear OBSs, paradise arcade sells clear plungers, both PA repros and original sanwas. The PA ones are slightly cheaper, but cannot support art inside.


i’ll have a look into them, but i think i prefer to have my art inside


i decided on not using art inserted buttons, do you guys know the model name for the regular coloured 30mm sanwas?


OBSF 30 http://www.focusattack.com/buttons/sanwa/


Also OBSN if you want screw in buttons instead of snap in.


thanks , i went with the violet coloured versions of these