i need help with a fightstick problem

i have had a se fightstick for ages and thought i might aswell start using it so i did…a few weeks later up on the stick would not work? forward, down and back still work but i cant jump up, forward or back?? can anyone explain to me would it is so i could fix my stick :slight_smile: oh yeah… i tried a new stick (sanwa) but the same thing is happening… any help will be nice as im new to this.

If you have a recite to go return it. Or by using it you mean by throwing it off a two story building or something then yes, it would stop working when doing so. I’ve tried the arcade stick a few times in the arcade at the mall, bit overrated, I like the 360 controller much more but mines kinda getting old and used out.

the SE’s parts are garbage.
you said you replaced the stick?
try flipping the harness.