I need help with Chun-Li Combos

What are some good combos to use with Chun-Li? My buddy at work uses Akuma and is really starting to learn some good combos. I need something to balance it out. I’m basically looking for a huge list of all known Chun-Li combos, and some strategies against Akuma and Ken. Thanks for any help!!

:d: :mk: > :qcf::qcf::k: Rinse and repeat.
I’m not bitter at all.

Seriously, though. Winning with chun’ doesn’t involve combos (Not that she has all that many). It involves using her retarded poke priority/range and this super cancel that I just gave you. Good Chun’ players rarely even do special moves besides the occasional wake-up EX Spinning Bird Kick, and maybe a fireball after her :l::hp: