I need help with combos



I’m a new player. I’ve been trying to pull off some combos, but I’m a real stinker. I went to GameFAQs, and it had a list of combos for Akuma. All of the combos start off with a jumping maneuver, followed by a ground maneuver. For example, a simple two hit combo would be jump+HK, down+HK. Unfortunately, the combo does not always connect for me. Timing has to be so perfect, and it can get frustrating for a rookie like me.

Did anyone else have problems with this in the beginning. If yes, can you offer any tips/advice to overcome this pitiful obstacle? Many thanks…


Alot of his combos can begin with cr mk or standing close Hp - lk hurricane - hp dragon punch.
Then after the dragon punch you can cancel into SA1
Other combos are cr lk cr lk xx SA1
cr lk cr lp cr lk xx SA1 (on most chars one or two it doesnt work on IE Urien)
Cr mk -lk hurri - hp then demon flip and whatever.
cr mk - lk hurri - lp or hp dragon punch xx SA1
cr mk - lk hurri - stand lp (reset) then whatever.


How do you cancel a move?

And what does xx mean?


XX means cancel into something.

And to cancel like the super art1 after the dragon punch you quickly do the dragon punch and then the super immediatly after and the Dragon punch will cancel in the middle of the move and akuma will go into his super art.


Practice, practice to get the cancel timing down. The moves have to be done quickly in succession for them to cancel. The more you get them into your hands (and the less thinking you have to do about them) the more often you’ll be able to hit them. The term cancel comes from the fact that the second move cancels the first move’s animation, which is why it comes out so fast after the first, so you’ve got to do the moves in rather quick succession.


I do…don’t listen to anyone on gamefaqs :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, if timing’s really a huge issue for you at the start, you should try watching a video or two of how an akuma player does their combos to get a feel for it (the tokushima series comes to mind). Also, as someone mentioned, you should seriously consider doing combos on the ground, and do those over and over again. Combos don’t require that you jump, and that’s one obstacle you need to get over first. If you jump too much in a match, especially with akuma, you’re in for a world of pain.

One such combo is akuma’s b&b: s.fierce (hard punch), short hurricane kick (hcb + short/ light kick), fierce dragon punch (toward, down, toward + fierce / hard punch).

as for cancelling (or, “xx” on combo lists), it’s precisely what it sounds like: performing a move, before another one has finished. Every character has a set that can/can’t be cancelled into. For example, you CAN cancel a crouching medium kick (forward) into a fireball, but you CAN’T cancel a standing light kick (short) into a red fireball (hcb+punch). Usually, what happens is that you use the motion of one move to get the other one out in an easy manner. Say you’re trying to cancel a fireball into a Messatsu Gou Hadou (super art no. 1), the motion, as you’ll learn over time, is:

QCF + punch, QCF + punch.

Even though the move list states that Messatsu Gou Hadou requires two qcf motions, you really only have to do one. Which, subsequently, teaches you that a lot of moves in the game can be “partitioned.” But that, is another story.


I usually do this:

Jumping HP, Standing HP, qcf+HP XX Sa1 or 3


Here one strat that I picked up on after a roundhouse hurricane kick hold back jab super jump into a deamon kick start a juggle combo and the rest go for crouching forward kick into mk/rh hurricane kick and repeat.