I need help with HRAP1 template!

hey guys,

im in the process of modding my HRAP3 and one of my goals is to change the button-direction to the old HRAP1 -style, cause i dont like the way it is in the newer version.

so my problem is, does anybody have the HRAP1-template as psd file??
i already found this link http://www.blue-bamboo.net/HRAP/ but i cant extract the zip-file, it shows an error.

the next thing is, if some1 would be able to place the 6 wholes for the screws??
im not really familiar with photoshop, so i cant do it myself.

i need the complete template for a friend who is willing to make a new metal plate for the HRAP3 for me.

would be great if some1 is able to help me out.