I need help with my MVC3 team!

OK so I’m tired of getting blown out the water by Zero shenanigans along with Dante’s quick-ass/far-reaching light attack and frankly Arthur (my point) isn’t gonna cut it for me. Frankly I don’t know who to pick to replace him. My current team is this:

Middle or Point: Spencer (Assist not decided)
Anchor: Sentinel (Drones)

Considering I get outpoked on EVERYTHING, I need someone who has quick normals. I’m considering getting an OTG assist to help extend my combos since my strategy is really just move around using the Sentinel Drones. Also in consideration is trying to form a team that can do the DHC glitch but I;m not sure if this team can make that strategy work. Aside from those ideas, I don’t know who to pick.

Dog, Magneto, Trish, Dante, Wesker, S-Skrull, Taskmaster, Zero

Wesker, Hulk, Sentinel, She Hulk, Shuma, Deadpool, X-23
Can OTG but not their best assist: Viper, Dante, Iron Man, Akuma
Can OTG but very delayed and requires specific setup: Arthur, Storm, Chris, VJoe

Move Spencer to point, put any of these characters in second position:
Dog, Arthur, Wesker, Sentinel, Dante, Taskmaster, Wolverine, Zero, Trish, Cat, Hsien-ko, Morrigan, Modok, VJoe, Thor, Phoenix
Atlernatively, you can put any of these characters on point and simply Aerial Exchange to Spencer to start the DHC glitch.

Another option is to move Sentinel to second position and put any of these characters on point:
Magneto, Trish, X-23, Deadpool, Storm, Jill, Spencer, Dante (there are other potential starters but they have very specific setups)

just play team tyram:

Magneto (disruptor) / Wolverine (crossup) / Sentinel (drones)

Thanks dude! This really helps.

If you want good keepaway on point, but your Arthur keeps getting blown up, I’d recommend Deadpool. Deadpool can play a similar keepaway with jumping medium guns and Pineapple Surprise. He can get out of dodge with his teleport if your opponent gets too close, but he can also defend himself up close. He’s also got a fantastic s.:l:, a slide (:h:) that goes under a lot of bullshit, and a great overhead (:f::m:) that you have forever to hit-confirm into a combo (most easy Deadpool bnbs do over 600k.) Plus, he’s got the fullscreen hyper for punishing whiffed moves and botched assists.

If you put Deadpool on point, Sentinel in second, and Spencer in third, you could DHC glitch to Sentinel. And you would have a better anchor, because Sentinel is free to people who can run for 20 seconds.

So I could use Deadpool’s Quick Work as the initial hyper and DHC to Sentinel? Which Sent hyper should I use though? Plasma Storm, HSF?

When you want to DHC trick with Sentinel, Sentinel must use Hyper Sentinel Force.

Technically you can still DHC trick with Plasma Storm (or any other super), however the Plasma Storm cannot hit the opponent - you would probably need to either burn XF (which kinda ruins the point of doing a DHC trick) or use a really elaborate setup to make Plasma Storm not hit (like what Tatsu does with his Deadpool/x-23 DHC trick).